Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Tomorrow will be the start of hell for me, b/c that’s when I’ll start watching over my dad. I’ll have to watch him for 12 to 15 hours every day from now on, till he’s allowed to go back to the daycare (if he goes back at all). If (when) my word count starts dropping, that will be the reason why. I just hope he doesn’t get physical and throw things. Dear God, help me!




I’ve been doing word crawls and wars for hours and now I only have to write 4,850 words today yay!!


How yall doing??


Not bad, I ended up staying up all night so therefore I slept all day and evening :unamused: hbu?


@MalandraMae hey how’re you doing? are you up for some wars tonight?


Hey y’all




just got on today and realized it was this month please kill me. I’m going to start my book today and then work until the 8th of next month


Good luck!!


How’s camp going guys? I haven’t wrote for a couple days so I’m definitely falling behind/have quite a bit to catch up on m.


My writing time has shrunk drastically for the past few days, and it looks like I’ve got 3 more days of hell before my writing time improves. Thus, I’ve been exhausted and haven’t written as much, even though I try to write through it. Writing when you’re exhausted feels like writing after you’re brain’s been shocked with spark plugs.


Ugh… the past few days have been crazy busy and my writing time has shrunken to almost nothing. I’m hoping I can get back into the groove this week. Also, I’ve been wondering how active cabins are supposed to be? Mine is almost unresponsive and barely any have put in words. :no_mouth:


I’m suuuuuuper far behind cuz I can bearly write 1k a day oooooof


Oh, wow. Didn’t think cabins can be that inactive. My cabin’s been fairly active, though it’s starting to slow down a bit, being the 2nd slump week and all.


Been trying to keep mine active but people seem so busy writing XD


I barely reached my word count for today. After looking after my dad for 15 hours, I’m exhausted, and when mom comes home, she starts bossing my dad around, and they both end up fighting. God, my life sucks! Because of this, I barely wrote 700 words and barely reached my word count. I wonder if any of you have to deal with family drama fights all the time when you write (not just in Camp NaNo, but also while writing on the off months outside of NaNo).


That sounds awful… I hope things get better for you soon!


Hey guys!



Hoping to get some writing done today… it’s been too long. Took a longer break than expected.