Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Right now, just 800 words written for today. Now sleep may come.


Oh wonderful. Congrats on the words.


I’m so far behind! This week has been crazy. I hope you guys are having better luck than me at keeping up with the daily quota.


Same. Hopefully I’ll be able to get ahead next week with no school


Going through another fight. God, why does all this family drama have to keep happening to me? More and more pain on top of pain, God! If I have to go through another 3 days of this, I’ll probably have to quit or die, whichever comes first.


I’M FINALLY CAUGHT UP!! I managed to hit my mark for the day, actually the past four days, and I have finally gotten myself back on track. It took a week, but I GOT IT. Now I can continue at a leisurely pace…

Def didn’t pound out 3,300 words today…


Wow! That is friggin’ AMAZING! :astonished:


I wrote through dark night of the soul last night and finished the 20th chapter of my magical girl book and 2nd chapter of this month! :triumph:


I have to catch up next week. I don’t have school


Haven’t written in like a week but I’m not behind yet. Just have to be more consistent and I’ll be okayyyyyy. I’ll probs be on the war thread tonight too if anyone’s around then to war. (it’s 4 pm here rn)


I’m behind, because I haven’t written this week, but hopefully the week off will help me get back on track


That’s good, hopefully you’ll be able to catch up.

Umm I wasn’t able to write yesterday and the next 2 weeks will be spent studying for exams sooooo I’ll try to binge write after or smth :joy:idek what imma do


I’m going to have to binge write this week


Good luckkk


Hey you! My goal is 15,500 words this month :smiley:







Writing wise or right now wise?


Both I guess.


Right now I’m just holding my baby brother :joy: but I plan on writing some practice essays for my exams after he falls asleep. You?