Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Right now, I’m finishing of Chapter 8 of Marked.

What practice essays are you doing?

reminds me I should really stop writing now and go do some exam questions


Ooo thats fun. Is that your nano book? What’s it about?

Have you heard of the ‘checkpoint’ exams for like the Cambridge thingy. They’re basically just like all of middle school review and I’m dying cause I moved in the middle of the year and they teach completely different things here :joy: but I’m just writing the essay questions they gave in the old exams

feel you lol all my friends are talking about studying on gc and I’m babysitting :joy:


It always seems like you’re studying for something. How many exams do you have to take? :joy:


Well I have exams from May 13th until June 14th and have 2 for most subjects apart from maths which I have 3 for an science which I have six for)

These are my final exams (They’re called GCSEs) and they determine what college I get into so I have to do well


I too?


Pressed enter before finishing :joy:


Haha you’re okay :joy:


Ooof that’s sooo many. We have those at our school too but I don’t have to worry about them for another 3 years. Good luck!


So I’m guessing you are in Year 8/9 then?


8 : ) I’m still that annoying 14 yr old girl on wattpad who leaves comments saying ‘tEaA’ capatilized 30 different ways

And I’m guessing you’re 11/12?


I’m in 11 yeah.

I always thought you were like Year 10 tbh.

Have you picked your options yet?


Oh yeah and The Marked is my NaNo book, hoping to get the whole thing done by May so I have enough content to give out updates for the 32 days I won’t be writing


I get that a lot for some reason. But no, I am still fetus child, lol

I haven’t officially said so but like I’m going into medicine. What are you taking? (if that’s what you’re referring to)

I think you’ll be able to do it. You’re a pretty fast writer


No that wasn’t what I meant but that’s pretty interesting. Do you know what time of medicine yet? Chemist? Doctor? Scientist?

What I meant was that when we reached end of Y9 we picked four classes to study by choice. Some pick them during Year 8 so wasn’t sure if you had but I picked Computing, Business, History and Photography.

For A-Levels, I’m going to do History, English Literature and Photography because I want to be a teacher


Ohhhh our system is different. We don’t pick like individual classes because it’s a super small school and there aren’t enough students for that. You choose between medicine, business, or engineering but there have never been enough engineering students for them to offer that so it’s medicine or business :joy: and I have no idea if I wanna go into medicine or not but I’m sure that I want nothing to do with business so thats why I chose that

Those three things seem like they suite you a lot. I didn’t know you were into photography. Do you have any of your work online?


I have a few bits on my instagram, but that’s mainly private.

Maybe someday I’ll upload some here.


Maybe you should. But it’s your decision after all. Ooo or maybe make a public Instagram dedicated to that. That’s also another idea. Whatever youre comfortable with <3


Oooh, I could post some on my bookstagram? If you’d be interested?


Yasss what’s your bookstagram? (sorry for disappearing for a sec)


It’s okay, planning my to do list for this week

it’s @jaxinwonderlandx