Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Disappeared again :joy: and it’s not like I’m doing anything productive. Gonna write the essays now

I’ll follow you!


Thank you. I’ll have to get them off my camera at some point this week


Im sooooo behind it’s pathetic :sob:


Me too


I have no chance in catching up unles I really really tried so I don’t even know if I just throw in the towel early or drive myself insane trying to catch up :laughing:


Which is about 9000 words worth of catching up to :tired_face:


How many words are you trying to do this month?


50k I’d be okay with but anywhere inbetween that and 70k. Hbu?


Oh yeah, it’s this month…

I did 30k already so I’ll see if I can hit 40k because I have like, important coursework and exams and stuff. Lol


I’m using write track to catch up. It also helps that I have a week off school


Do your best, but don’t drive yourself insane


I’m gonna try and drive some words out later tonight and see how I do. Hopefully I can get quite a few but if not I won’t be too upset. As long as I write a decent amount I think I’ll be okay.

Would you wanna war later?


sure. Just tell me what time


I’m finally fixing my outline! I’m about seven or eight chapters in for things I already know but here in the next couple chapters I’ll have to put my thinking cap on lol cause after that it’s just the middle part that has to be filled out to tie in with the ending. Blehh


TODAY I’m gonna write! I got to! I have to! Wanna reach 11.000 word today! :smiley:


Hey!! Anyone online?