Can Anyone Give Me Some Thoughts On This Please?

Hi! I hope I’m in the right category…sorry if I’m not. I need some help. When I wrote my novel, I made sure to give it a satisfying ending, but leave open enough conflict so that it could stand on its own, but if I wanted to make a sequel, it wouldn’t look forced. I don’t plan on starting any other books for a long time now, but I had a few possible thoughts on this sequel and I hope people can help me out.

I hope it’s okay to post my blurb here–I don’t mean to advertise.

Loretta’s fine–even if her mom is a wreck, even if her brother is dead-she’s going to make it all okay.
All she has to do is prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Rural Kansas, 1951.
Six months ago, fifteen-year-old Loretta’s brother died in a tragic accident. Now she struggles to take care of herself and her lost, neglectful mother. After an incident that proves she’s no longer up for the task, she’s sent to live with her late father’s friend. The night before she leaves, she witnesses the unimaginable…aliens.
When people brush off her encounter as grief and anxiety, Loretta sets out to prove she isn’t the broken girl everyone thinks she is, and that extraterrestrials are more science than science fiction.
But her pent-up emotions are beginning to rise, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s forced to face not the truths she wants to find, but she ones she can’t accept.
When things spiral into the impossible, Loretta learns that appearances are simply charades, and everyone has secrets as dirty as her own.
Secrets that, when messed with, may have consequences bigger than life itself.

Okay. So basically–besides all that–the story is about Loretta and her family as they work to avenge the death of her brother and forgive themselves and each other for what they’ve done in the past. So far I’ve kept this to a very low sci-fi scale. Aliens are seen, but the characters don’t interact with them. Dead alien bodies are shown, but they only serve as the proof needed to finish the mission. The story has been more about secrets, conspiracy, accepting hard truths, and finding who you are than legitimate hard-core sci-fi. But I’ve watched a few UFO documentaries and read some books, and some ex-government people claim that the U.S. government knows of 60 different species of aliens. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter since the book is fiction regardless, but then I started thinking–so far, the story has only involved regular grey aliens. I was wondering if I could actually include an alien character of a different species–one more humanoid so the characters could interact with it? Obviously I would only do this if the plot required it, but would it be okay to go from sort of sci-fi/mystery/historical fiction to full-on alien characters? If anyone could give me their thoughts, I’d really appreciate it.

I wouldn’t put a full on alien character if you are going low sci-fi.

But you could maybe have a file discovered with documents or photos that reveal more than one species of aliens exist.

Then you could potentially take a sequel into the more full on sci-fi realm.


Thanks! This was helpful.

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Sounds interesting to me :smiley: As only Loretta can see the alien, you give the it a past that connects them to Loretta.

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Thanks! I think I’m ready to go more full-on sci-fi, so this was good to hear!

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