can anyone tell me about the word count for Llewellyn?

I have a nonfiction book that I don’t want to put on my hubpages account and I have books from Llewellyn so I do love their authors :slight_smile:.


Is there a question there?

You go to their webpage and see if they have a submission window. You check if they are open, if they are, they will specify exactly what it is they want to see, including wc requirements if there are any.

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Like @lhansenauthor says, it’s all on their website. Took me less than 30 seconds to find (minimum word count is fifth bullet from the bottom):

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What I’m asking is that my books about 40K they say generally depending on the project. Do I still have a chance?

There’s no way to know without submitting. If your book is awesome at 40K, they’ll make the jump.


The beginning of the book though has short chapters like the longest is less than two pages.

The first three parts are a poem, the intro and a part that explains on what the book’s about and asks the reader a question. They’re less than two pages (like one and a half pages).

Look, we can’t help you there. The only way to find out is to send in your query and see what transpires. Explain why your text is shorter and why you think they will still like it. But I wouldn’t explain the format, they can see that for themselves. If you provide too much explanation up front, it looks like a feeble excuse. Be focussed, be to the point and most importantly, find other books like yours they have already published. Showing how you slot into their programme will help you a lot more than worrying about details.


Okay thanks.

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