Can books give you headache/fever??


I have a bad habit of wanting to read books straight through without pausing…so once I did that with the book for our english course and I got a head-splitting headache plus high fever…does this happen to anyone else too? lol




headaches I understand since rading for a long time without pause is tiresome for both the mind and your eyes. fever can be result of the strain, I guess, but you should probably look into other causes if it persist. If you find there’s a pattern to it, then you’ll probably find your answer.

not happened to me, but I usually get a bit stressed\tired if I read for a long time and that rises my heartrate and may make me both hot and cold.


No it only happens to me with study (boring) books. I once read a 300 page novel straight without any side effects because it was entertaining. But the study one was only about 200 pages, yet made me sick for 2-3 days. I guess that’s their objective lol.


I never had a fever for it, but I tend to get headaches if I read too much. I don’t know why, but staring at the words for too long just gets to me. Like my brain doesn’t want to take in the information. I honestly can’t read for more than two hours at a time. I always need to take breaks. My head will begin to hurt and if not, then I become exhausted and unable to concentrate.


In Elvis’ voice “You give me fever…”

Of course some stories/books are going to be boring to you. Forcing your way through them can indeed induce a headache. Reading for long periods can lead to eye strain which is connected with headaches too. Other things in your daily life can influence the headache acquisition process when reading is present or the other way around–reading speeds up the process when those other factors are present.

Not reading is not going to cure a headache on its own, work out what else is going on. You may need sleep or rest or errrm food etc.


Oh btw do you read online or on paper? Because if I read online then my eyes start burning/hurting even if its a good book. On paper its only for bad books.

Also, line spacing can be a problem. I have noticed that some books (especially classics) have very small font and less line spacing, causing readers to squint hence giving headaches and stuff.


Glad to know its normal! I thought it was like some random effect of my mind to stop me from reading boring books lol.

I don’t think its from other factors as I was reading at about 6 in the evening and it was a holiday so no stress whatsoever. I just hope schools can pick sherlock holmes or something to read, that would be fun and not a headache.


When I killed my own favorite character, I got a headache, and a leaking blood vessel caused me to bleed out of my nose and eyes. Freaky, but I was totally fine afterwards.


It definitely can. It takes a great deal of energy from our brain to decode language, therefore, you strain your brain when you read. Similarly to how you might hurt from too much exercise, your brain can hurt from reading. Especially if you aren’t a regularly reader and suddenly sit down and read a lot at once.
It can also derive from underlying vision issues - if you strain your eyes for prolonged periods of time, your brain will start hurting.


It happens to me on both ends, whether I’m reading on my phone/computer or a physical book. And the line spacing doesn’t make a difference with me. :woman_shrugging:


If a thick one falls on your head, you’re sure to have a headache.

Honestly though, there can be two different ways: for the books you’re writing, it can be that you’re in tension and this is a “headache”, although that’s more of a figurative expression; and the second can be if you’re studying for school/college/uni, that’s a surefire way to getting a headache.


Lol were you your favorite character lol brutal


But I am fine even if it is a tough but entertaining book, what about that? And I can read a lot at once if it good enough, it gives a movie-like feel to me lol


You can try adjusting the brightness also… Honestly my friend didn’t care for line-spacing/font until I showed him the difference between two editions of the same book. Because all that squinting is exhausting lol.

Besides there’s no harm in taking breaks, no need to be a reading machine lol


This is actually the content of my research cx funnn

So reading on devices can cause more strain on your eyes cause of the backlight present, whereas reading on paper, your eyes only have to adjust to the light around you. Tiny text and small line spacing can make it hard for some to clearly distinguish the words, hence the squinting that you mentioned. Prolonged reading can also be negative cause too much focus on one thing can be bad for your eyes. Plus there’s also this thing about radiation from devices. I don’t know about the fever though. That’s quite surprising. The headache could be correlated with the copious amount of info you had to grasp in reading the book but the fever… I don’t know o.o


Lol but seriously I got a fever + headache that’s how bad the book was lol. I actually sprinkled some water and it evaporated in like 5 seconds lol


That’s awfully strange xD it’d be so interesting to research more on that hmmm


I guess thats just me lol

or maybe I had it coming but it coincided with the finishing time of the book lol


Could’ve been a flu that just came at the right time xD