Can I ask a question THAT I need constructive feedback on it please!!

First of all, sorry for the rude comment in the beginning but because people just randomly answer with sarcasm and it pains me to say, if I wanted sarcasm I’d go to youtube for that. I need help because. I just doooo….

Who’s done self-publishing? If you have which one do you recommend for people outside the states that want to publish on paperback and not on ebook only.
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Just to let you know? You might want to skim other threads in this category because a lot of people ask this question and there are many threads with answers

I have. I’m American, but I live in China. Since the bulk of my sales are in America, I use Amazon’s KDP for printing my paperbacks, and that’s fine. I do believe that certain countries don’t have printing facilities set up - maybe it was Australia that didn’t have Amazon printers but did have Ingram Spark? Anyway, I’m not sure which country you’re from. What I would do is research the main Print on Demand companies (KDP Print, Ingram Spark) and the secondary Print on Demand companies (Lulu - not too familiar with this option, but some people have recommended them) and figure out which ones have printers in your country (if any).

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When it comes to self-publishing 99% of your sales will be ebooks. That doesn’t mean you can’t do paper as well, it’s just that they don’t get much sales because they won’t be stocked by bookstores. Most self-published authors use Print-on-Demand.

As for “which one do you use” - I’m assuming you are asking for things like Xlibris, or AuthorHouse, or something like that? If so, the answer is none of the above. Most self-published authors do the “do it yourself” route and hire their own freelance editors and cover designers and then post the books onto the Internet with things like KDP, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital.

I think you are correct about Australlia - IIRC is what a lot of people use to get books in that country.

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