Can I ask for Amazon reviews?...

If people have read my book on here, can I ask that they leave a review on Amazon? That’d help me out a lot.

Sorry if this post is against the rules.

I have no idea if it’s allowed but it sounds iffy. Like, do you want people to actually read the book and then review? Or do you just want fake reviews?

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Actually read it.


Ah. That might be hard to get since most people don’t even do that for books on here. lol. I would think you would need to go to the critique section on here. :open_mouth:

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Your post is not against the rules, but it should be moved to #industry-insider. Do you know how to move it?

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No, I don’t.

If you edit the first post, you get a bunch of extra options. In the top right, you can select which category the thread is in

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Yes, you can ask, but they will have to have spent $50 on their Amazon account before they can leave a review (for anyone), and if they haven’t purchased the book from Amazon, it won’t show as a Verified Purchase.

You might have them leave a review on Goodreads instead.


I’m aware of the $50 thing, but I don’t think the Verified Purchase thing applies to books. I have reviews from people who have read the PDF of my book. But that was a long time ago. Maybe it’s different now and you’re right.

On Amazon, it does. I read and left a few reviews but I can only do them via Amazon Germany, the country i live in. Otherwise, as @XimeraGrey correctly points out, you need to have verified purchases. Goodreads, Blogs, Netgalley etc all work, but are based on ARCs. You might want to differentiate between pre-release reviews and reviews after release.


You can try to ask for reviews from people who read your book on WP or as an ARC, but it is getting increasingly difficult. As others pointed out, there is the purchasing threshold, and if you are friends with the reviewer on certain social media, Amazon might remove the review. A lot of readers also just want the free book (if you go the ARC route), but don’t leave a review in the end.

The verified purchase only shows if they bought the book on Amazon. However, if they read it as part of KU or downloaded it for free during a free Kindle deal, the review will still show non-verified.


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