Can I make this into a wiki?


Once upon a time, there was a magical cat who could turn orange right before one’s eyes. He had no tail. His friends called him Nietzsche.

One of his friends was Schrodinger. He was always orange or gray and he might have had a tail or not.


Please add to the story above as you see fit.


It just turned orange right before my eyes lol


What do you want it to be a wiki about? (I mean, though it’s likely a test, a test could have a test of some use.)


We can write a short story together.

I’ll get us started.


So white text on light green is um… bad @uncleL


What exactly is the purpose of a wiki for threads?


I think a place where people can put their heads together and create a collective guide? It’s also useful for story games.


it’s fun, @Prisim ! :stuck_out_tongue: though on black i need to switch up the font


I think there should be an option to specify the color of text for wikis in addition to its background color. :thinking:


Poor dark them gets no love. Woe is dark theme lol


I have to imagine there is. Usually they go hand in hand (granted it’s been years since I’ve done anything like that lol)


I know!!! Im bad and sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


*shakes head* You are such a failure. Omg. :kissing_heart:


Jesus that lime green and white is horrible. I can’t read the text cos it’s too contrasty. It’s like the opposite of broght red text with a dark green background…


It’s now dark green :forest:


That’s so much better. Thank you :slight_smile: