Can I still review?

Hello everyone.

Recently, in a thread, Nick from HQ mentioned that you should not critique/review unless you are open to review every single genre and all content – including graphic ones, and otherwise you shouldn’t do it.

Now, here I am, a minor who feels wholly uncomfortable with romance and only wants to read and critique Fantasy, Science Fiction, Vampire and Werewolf. Am I now no longer be allowed to critique, simply because I don’t want to read Horror, Humor or Romance?

Here are some quotes so you know I’m not just spouting nonsense. This is a real worry of mine, as I do want to continue helping people with grammar and plot holes.

(These quotes come from the Questions For the Community thread)

That’s what Nick said? That’s really what all the fuss is about? That doesn’t mean that you can’t review or that the new rule is that you have to review EVERYTHING. It looks like he’s just stating his opinion on reviewers.

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There’s more posts, this is just 2/76. But yeah, this is what it mostly boils down to, critiquers (according to him) have to take everything or nothing at all. If this is pushed through, I think a lot of reviewers will quit… – including me

I really don’t think it’s enforceable to make reviewers take literally everything. Hell, that puts even me in trouble if they try to.

I think it’s spitballing, and what he WANTS to happen. And while I agree in a sense [people should be open to things outside their comfort zone]… again, very hard to enforce.

Hopefully, T&S clarifies for us.

I mean, Nick is from HQ, what he says is taking really seriously.

I mean, that’s unfortunate, but I don’t think anyone is going to force you to review something you don’t want, and even if they do then there are other options. You can start a book club, you can beta read, or you can host reviews off of wattpad.

Or you can just not advertise in the threads and have a private review book.

These rules are specifically meant for ads on the threads afterall. At least that’s what I think.

(sorry for the quotes appearing as yours @FireAlwaysReturns even though they are nick’s.)

Isn’t that a contradiction? I mean, I’m a critique, but only in a niche genre. Not because I can’t review other stuff, not because I don’t like the other stuff, but because I have very limited time and I’d rather critique stories that don’t bore me. Expecting anyone to critique every genre and type of stories is insane - no one has that much time with all the requests you get.


See but Nick is not part of T&S, who are the ones directly responsible for the eventual ruling.

If we take everything Nick or someone else on HQ says as fact and not as speculation which it could be, it’s a silly notion to take.

Also yeah @crimson_mystery_cake while it’s on the forums and many advertise on the same forums…

Yeah, it’s true that you get the most visibility on the forums.It’ll make things more difficult for certain reviewers, but not unsalvagable.

It also depends on the reviewer I guess? I made one ad and have had so many clients I’ve not had to make any more - and probably will never have to again.

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I haven’t advertised in probably a year and a half and have a queue a mile long. It’s all in what your service looks like tbh.

yeah same lol

I agree that people shouldn’t be discriminated against because of the race/sexuality/religion and so on. Of course I do. But telling people on Wattpad that if they want to critique that they have to critique every genre doesn’t make sense to me. If you only want to read fantasy, then why should you have to try to give feedback on something you’re totally unfamiliar with, like say, a non-fiction novel?

I think Nick’s analogy of a food critic makes sense. But do you know where, for me, it really falls down? Most people here aren’t professionals. Most people here are teenagers. Most people here are beginners, hobbyists and people first dipping their toes into this kind of community. I don’t think it’s fair to hold them to the same standards as someone professionally trained and paid to do it. If we were all would-be professionals in a proper writing group or class debating the intricacies of writing and all frequently querying and so on, then yeah, I think telling people to deal with it is fair. But we’re not. He acknowledges some of this in his post. What he’s talking about definitely has a place, but I truly don’t think that that place is here.

If a rule like this seriously does go through, I think Wattpad needs to re-evaluate who it’s target users are. Is it a site for serious writers and critics, or is it a site for people to start out? It can (and probably should) be both, but not like this.


It’s technically illegal for you to read graphic content if you’re a minor. (depending on where you live)

EDIT: I think I read somewhere that it is illegal where I live (NY State)

It’s not actually (also in NY state). There are laws about furnishing indecent material to a minor, but that mostly applies to porn and other visually graphic goods. It doesn’t really apply to text, or you’d have to be 18+ to buy a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale from barnes and nobles.

Ah, I see. Either way, I think that you are able to only review specific genres, however you aren’t allowed to review every genre except one or two @FireAlwaysReturns

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Wait really? I’ve never read the Handmaiden’s tale, I’ve only heard about it through whispers so I guess I always just assumed it was pretty PG-13 or something.

It’s really good.