Can I upload my story with major edits back to the original book to keep reads?

I know the title may not make sense. So here the deal:

I was hugely active on wattpad back in 2011 and now that I am back I have done some major editing and plot changes to some of my books. I uploaded the edited versions as new books because there were ALOT of changes. I have edited and reuploaded 2 books now, one originally had 4K reads and the other had 15K reads.

Now I am thinking I might have made a mistake and should have uploaded the edited revamped versions of the story to the original book to keep the reads… Does anyone know if there are rules against doing this?

Please move this post if this is not the correct place to ask the question.

I’ve done this, I don’t think it’s against the rules or if there is any rule for it at all. :smile:


I’m pretty sure you can do this. Not quite the same, but I have re-written a chapter with major changes and just replaced the original. I’d write something in the first chapter about how this is a second draft and there have been a lot of changes though so people who read the original are aware?


I’ve done this to many stories. You can definitely do it. Many writers here will do it. I’ve seen popular books even do it, by saying that there were some major changes and a lot of rewriting so people would read it again to understand the new version. I’ve read books like this myself, too. It’s perfectly acceptable and people definitely support it.


No rules against it. You’re more than welcome to re-publish the newer version over the top of the older version. Word of advice (from someone who just went through this) don’t unpublish the entire book to re-publish the new chapters. Leave at least one chapter up because you will be removed from all reading lists and libraries you were on if you unpublish the whole thing. I lost 6 years of reading lists (some really good lists that I can’t re-apply for) because I did the easier route and unpublished everything to re-publish the edited chapters.

I don’t know how many reading lists your original draft had, but keep yourself on them by leaving one chapter up. Those reading lists are free advertising.


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I already unpublished all of my books when I decided I only wanted the edited versions to be up :frowning:

Im super bummed out that I didn’t think to do this sooner because the newly edited version has 1k reads and just under 600 reads on the other. Is it worth it to now move the story back to the original book and lose those new reads? Agh, I’m torn…

I definitely want to do it, but I have 1k new reads on one of the books I reposted… is it worth it to move it back to the original book that had 15k reads? Keep in mind, the original was posted back in 2011 and I’m sure many readers from that time aren’t even active anymore…

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Its ultimately up to you and how much you miss the read count of the original. I got about 3 chapters into publishing my edited draft in it’s own book before I realized I would miss that read count of my original draft. I hadn’t yet unpublished the firdt draft at the time, just buried it on my profile. So for me it was definitely easier to change my mind. Just wish I could go back in time and keep at least one chapter up :rofl:

So the question you need to ask yourself more is again how much do you miss the read count? You’re essentially going to be starting over because you lost the reading lists you were on. The only thing that will change from your new book to the old is the read count. Now reposting the new chapters in the older book could bring in the readers who see read count as important, but you’re still essentially starting from scratch with the fan base either way.

Well I was also considering the fact that certain programs on wattpad require a certain number of reads… I can’t remember where I read it, somewhere in the forums about one of the programs requiring at least 8k reads to be considered.

Thank you so much for the advice and replies, I have a lot to consider that’s for sure!

Yes for things like getting into Paid Stories read count is taken into consideration. So if you’re intending on doing anything like that then definitely republish it in the original book.


I personally would because it’s easier, in my opinion, to grow from 15k than 1k, and you may end up with rereaders who like this version better.

I believe that the only thing you’d be losing with updating the book with the edited version, are the chapter’s comments. If you had 100 comments on a chapter, it will go to zero. But other than that, it shouldn’t affect anything else in the book. ^^

Thanks, I think I am going to do it!

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I think I am okay with losing the comments. What hurts is abandoning the 1k readers I have on the new book. But hopefully I can gain more readers based off of the 15k reads I have on the original book.

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Comments will still be there. They just will no longer be linked if any of them are inline. But all comments will stay with the chapter they were made in.


Ooh, that’s good to know. So they will appear as general comments? Not inline comments.


I want to do the same thing. I’m pretty sure it should be allowed. I mean, it is the same story. :woman_shrugging:

according to all the comments it is allowed! I think I am going to do it!

P.S I love your user name

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Thank you!

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