can I use trad pub as well as self pub?

I have some works that I’d like to trad pub and others that I’d like to self pub. Is this possible?

Yes. Several authors use several avenues. You don’t have to stay with only one.

Thanks! :smiley:

Of course. :wink:

It’s what you’d call a “hybrid author.” There’s many writers out there who are hybrid authors, and others who are considering it or wanting to be one.

There are different reasons why writers choose to go both ways. The market is one of them. Self-publishing is better for particular books while those genres or books aren’t great for traditional publishing. Right now, YA is on the rise. If you want to publish an Adult book, for example, it may not sell as well, but may sell better if self-published.

Another reason may be because you want to write and publish in a different genre. You’re not always going to be able to traditionally publish every single book you write unless you become an established writer. Most of your books will be based off the market as well as what you wrote first (in terms of genre). So if you begin traditionally publishing YA fantasy, most of your readers are going to be expecting to see a YA fantasy book. In order to traditionally publish in another genre, you may have to use a pen-name and or get a different agent/publisher to help you get there as not every publisher and or agent is going to publish in a different genre unless it fits in their criteria. For some authors, this is trouble for them. So they may choose to self-publish and try to expand the genres they write in. Though, of course, it does depend.

I’mma leave a video down below from Alexa Donne on her thoughts for hybrid publishing (for herself, specifically lol, but she does have some really good points):

You definitely can. Hybrid authors are a thing – but you might find out that you have a preference once you get started.

Yes. I do both. I have some trad published and some self.

I plan on looking through my books, I haven’t had much time to write. :frowning:

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