Can private reading lists be a thing?



If not private reading lists, then an ability to have more than one library would be great.

I want some way of being able to easily organize the books I’m reading without constantly pinging the authors everytime I move a book from one list to another. [e.g. moving it from “to read” to “reading” to “on hold” to “reading” again and then to “have read” or some other horrific combination in the span of a few days.]

And… because polls are fun:

Do you want to see the ability to have private reading lists or multiple libraries?

  • Yes.
  • Maybe.
  • No.

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YES this is my dream and I fully support it. :weary::weary::weary:

Also I’d like to be able to see a list of the public reading lists my book is on.


Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants it.

There’s actually another thread for that:


My answer is yes, I want to change my vote


If you click on “hide results”, it should let you change your vote. :lumi:


Love the idea of multiple libraries and the private reading lists =]


I lowkey still want to see this happen, so here’s a bump.


Yes, this would be very useful :slight_smile: Or at least have a chance for sub-directories in your library for easy navigation :slight_smile:


A private reading list should definitely be a thing :wink: it’d come in handy


It’s either I dreamed this up or I actually remember being able to do this once. It was a tiny padlock to the side on the desktop app.


Not dreaming private reading lists do exist, to this day I have one but at least to what I understand, your first default reading list is private. Any others you create are public and I have not seen a way to make it private yet.


Correction. That’s your library but it does look like a reading list basically lol. I do agree private reading lists should be a thing.


I think I found what you meant.

It only shows up for “Current reads” under Library though.


yup, I realized immediately after I was mistaken.


A private reading list is a great idea! For example, if people really don’t want anyone to know that they read smut or anything like that, they can make it private.

On an unrelated/related note, I don’t understand how some users I’ve seen here on Wattpad have 0 Reading Lists. Maybe they don’t want to make one or something else along those lines.


Because there’s a default private reading list already (the one that shows up in your library on mobile.)



Oh yeah, that’s true. You can’t make libraries public.


Funny thing is I never realized for a while that you can change the name of your reading lists! I learned about that months ago.



There was a time I didn’t know a story had to be in your library and not just a reading list to auto bookmark.