Can private reading lists be a thing?



Oh yeah, that too! I feel bad though that the reading lists in general are up to 200 stories. Why can’t there be more!


What a nice thought. I myself like to categorize books I read into various degrees of genre and labels aside from “Favorites” or “Want to Read”. And I don’t doubt that there are some which are better suited to be private than publicized.

Hmm…this somehow puts me a strange light, LOL.

Anyways–agreed, agree.


Bump because I still want this feature.


Wattpad make this a thing


Who do I tag to make it a thing?

I legit can only think of @nick


Maybe Gavin?


He is @TheOrangutan, right?




hi folks,

Not sure tagging me is going to ‘make it happen’ as such as I’m afraid I’m not too deeply involved in the technical side of Wattpad or product development. I know that the team at Wattpad do a lot of talking with our Community to find out what bits of the platform people would like to see improved or changed or built, so they’re very aware of what our users would like to see, but they also have to assess the impact of such changes, buildability, what other things we’d like to see built etc.

Next time I talk to colleagues I’ll mention it, but I’m afraid I can’t promise anything as I simply don’t know everything they’re working on at the moment.

Cheers, Gav


I’d appreciate that. Thanks!


We need this feature


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


I know this is old but I would love this feature


Was about to make a thread about this too. Good thing someone started it.



I need this feature. I started a list entitled “So bad it is good”, which I thought was private. These were my personal judgements, and although there is a similar category of award for movies in real life, I didn’t mean anyone to see this list in case it hurt the author’s feelings. I changed the name once I realised people could see, but it’s not fair - I just wanted to keep track of a category of notable reads.


This would be amazing…