Can someone add text to these for me and make them the same size? (Gifs) payment included


I was wondering if someone could add the names of my characters to these gifs for me. and crop them so there the same size ( I tried to find as close as possible in sizing) I only need one gif per character just tried to give some options I will do a payment of a comment for every gif done (used or not)

Name: Angel Adela

Name: Cicero Clement

Name: Edie Elisheva

Name: Micaiah Mattan

Name: Felix Faye

Name: Hezekiah Hanan

Name: Phaedra Perran


Ooh I can help! The app that I use doesnt provide much variation with text though… is that okay?
(Ummm also did the other one I made work for you??)


that would be amazing if you could! as long as its not to clunky looking it should be fine! and yes, I had to upload it on Giphy and re save it cause it said it was “to large of a file” The chapter I’m using it on should be posted sometime this weekend, and ill be sure to give you credit!


Awh im glad! I just wanted to make sure you actually liked it.
Here’s the first… image thoughts?


omg thats perfect actually! I love it!


Cool cool, I’ll make the others in the same way!


image image image image image image image


How are these? Any changes? I didn’t know I enjoyed making gifs so much…


they are all perfect thank you so much! I will be doing payment shortly!


don’t even worry about payment! I’m glad I could help :slight_smile: