Can someone add text to these plz? payment included


I was hoping someone could add text to my two covers for me, I don’t have anything suitable and can’t get new
ones right now.
(if necessary, Coloring and such can be adjusted)

Title: Flesh of frost
Subtitle: “The ice does not forgive”
Author: Jay Puff
Font Idea: Something with Fantasy and ice vibes, maybe with a snowflake for the O in frost.
Examples: image image image

Title: Bones of Iron
Subtitle: “I am iron and I forge myself”
Author: Jay Puff
Font idea: Same font as Flesh of frost except in a dark silver / metal color maybe have it look drippy or with a sword as one of the letters.
Examples image image

I’ll give payment of follow and comments to whichever i like best, and follows to anyone who tries.




Here’s one, just a minute for the other


Hi @Southpuff ,

To request graphics, you should post in the following thread: ⭐ Request Graphics Here! ⭐ Designers needed to fill orders REFRESH DUE 14 DEC

Because of this, I will be closing your thread.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia: