Can someone direct me to the genre profiles on Wattpad (and how to submit)?

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I’m not sure if I’ve heard this correctly or if this is a stupid/obvious question but…

I’ve heard that there are Wattpad profiles for the different story genres that have Reading Lists with books in those genres. Is there anywhere where there is a comprehensive list of all of these profiles and how to submit your story to be on those Reading Lists?

I feel like I read somewhere that lesser known writers can submit their Romance/Werewolf books to, say, the Romance Wattpad Profile and the Werewolf Wattpad Profile so they’re easier for new readers to find. But I’m not sure if what I read is accurate and I’m also not sure where I’d even find those official genre profiles or know how to submit to them even if I did find them!


Yes, this is true.

I don’t think so? @Angelic_Vamp, can you check?

They usually have a form linked in their info page and you can submit through there.

Yep. Keep in mind though that they don’t respond all that often, it takes a while.


You can find all the possible community profiles in this chapter of the Wattpad Poetry’s “Poetry’s Submissions” book.


There are two master lists I’ve found and you can find them in the first post of this thread!
Best of luck!!!

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Yep! Go to their profile guide book (any genre amb run profile) and there’s a list of profiles there or the ‘following’ has it too. But keep in mind we can change directories depending on new profiles. Also submit each profile has it for their rules.

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Genre Main Accounts: @Action,
@Adventure, @Anime, @ChickLit, @classicauthors, @Fanfic, @Fantasy, @HistoricalFiction, @fright (Horror), @humor, @lgbtq, @mystery, @nonfiction, @ParanormalCommunity, @WattpadPoetry, @Romance, @ScienceFiction, @WattpadShortStory, @Spiritual_Universe, @TeenFiction, @werewolf, @WattVampires

Movements and subgenre accounts:
@YA, @ProfileMentalHealth, @retold, @_SteamPunk, @anime, @Ghost, @urban, @PsychologicalNovel @superhero, , @mythandlegend, @magic, @talesofthedeep, @starwarsfans, @BeyondSol, @WattThology, @WattSupernatural, @childrensfiction, @dystopianapocalypse, @MicroBytes, @crime, @sport, @WattFest, @adultfiction, @WattRiverdale, @Spiritual_Universe, @ForbiddenWorlds, @beauty, @military-fiction, @flashfic, @historical-romance, @_creepy_pasta, @OUATfans, @NoMoreBullying, @music, @BACommunity, @multimedia, @_Dark_Fantasy, @RoleplayCommunity, @Wattpunk, @CoffeeCommunity


There’s also @projectwomanup, @villainsarepeopletoo, @notallareheroes, @projectbadboy, @fantasci, @wattfairytales, @thefaefolk, @WattVampires.

I don’t have the time to post all those direct links for you but if you search those terms in the wattpad search they will instantly show up.


Yep, those are all there.

** Edit wait Fae Folk isn’t amb run. So that’s not there. I’ve only mentioned Ambassador run - or the “official” ones.


Ah ok. I have no idea if the ones i mentioned are ambassador run or not.

WattVampires is - I don’t think the others are? Fantasci might be… Hmm… I’ll look into it when I have time :smile:


@WattpadFairytales is amb-run, too.

A bunch of the names were recently changed. Everything that has Wattpad in it is HQ approved and managed by ambassadors.


Do you have a full list somewhere? I’d love to update the on in the Big Thread. :smile:


I think someone posted a link to the Directory above. Every profile should have one of those. If Able World is included it’s up to date as that’s the most recent one that was added.

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Fabulous! :muscle:

Would it be useful if I made a thread for it actually?

And where would it need to go?

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Actually yeah, I think it would be massive helpful. We need a club only dedicated to random resources now… :thinking:

I think for now it could be put in #the-cafe since it’s not about improving your writing or anything like that.


Okay, sounds good. I’ll see if I can get it set up soon. If it needs to be moved elsewhere you can always do thst afterwards :slightly_smiling_face:


Fabulous - I’ll speak with the other mods about pinning it because I think it would be extremely helpful to everyone! :smile: (tag me when you’ve made it)

@225lily Thank you for answering all of my questions! I’ll be sure to check out all of the links to the submission forms and I’ll also keep in mind that it might take them some time to add me to the list!

@reedandwrite, @AWFrasier, @JEHallows, and @amandamaedowney Thank you for the lists! Very helpful!

@Angelic_Vamp I’ll keep all of that in mind! Thanks!

@AnnieRosebud Yes, please tag me when you’ve made it, too! A thread like that would be lovely!


Here it is, still setting up a few things and adding a list of language profiles.