Can someone photoshop this?




Please Photoshop the image above so it looks like the image below:


(That is, turn the brunette’s dress green, as well as her hair bow and her shoes. I’d really appreciate the help, you guys. If possible, convert this to a png).


Hope this works!



Thank you so much! It’s perfect. I plan to use it as part of a gift for my 5 year old niece… however, she’s requested a few changes if that’s okay. See below. I colored in the changes as you can see… can you make the following green and yellow?


  1. Her shoes


  1. Her neckline
  2. The bottom part of her sleeves
  3. The bow in the middle of her dress
  4. The white part at the bottom of her dress
  5. The bows on her shoes

As payment, I’ll follow you on this and my backup account.


I think I got all the changes done :slight_smile:



Thanks so much !!! Please send me the link to your Wattpad profile so I can follow you.


Here you go, I hope your niece likes it!!


She’ll love it. You just earned a new follower :slight_smile: