Can’t login, must reset password?

Luckily I’m logged in on my phone.

Anyway, I tried to login to Wattpad using my laptop, but it says that I have to reset my password before logging in. I entered my email to receive the instructions to reset my password, but I haven’t gotten an email from Wattpad about it. I tried resending the email and logging in, but I can’t.

Why is Wattpad asking me to reset my password? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have not experienced this before but you will only get the email a few hours later. I don’t know why they do this but it’s probably for safety issues. If you still have problems you should contact Wattpad HQ

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I think it has something to do with this:


I can’t log in and I thought my account had been deleted but it seems to be happening to a few people! I was planning to update my chapters today but right now this is happening

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I got so freaking scared


I’m getting the same. Can’t do nothing.

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Maybe this can help you! @MariaJoWrites @stella_vigo


I have this exact thing on my phone. I was luckily logged in my computer but it’s really annoying

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I’m sure it’s yet another glitch on top of the rankings disappearing. I just reported it.
Wattpad is having a great week. :roll_eyes:


We just got out of the rankings disappearing and now we are faced with a new problem😒


I haven’t

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At least it’s happening on a Friday, meaning they’ll come to work. These types of glitches have a very bad habit of happening during the weekend.


Yes me too! I’ve been experiencing this problem as well and I am kinda worried because I cant seem to log into my other account and dont have access to the mail I created it with to reset the password. Hopefully it’s a glitch and I can log in without having to reset my password and then quickly change my mail.

I’m going through my email right now. Unfortunately, I think I deleted it ;-;

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Having the same problem this morning. Has anyone here been able to get in yet?

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As far as I know, it’s a result of the security breach. My friends had to reset theirs, too.

It took me hours to get my email but I got back in.

hi! what if we don’t get any emails for the instructions thing? what’s the workaround for that?

i had this earlier, at first i couldn’t see the email but then found it in my spam/junk folder. maybe check to see if it went there?

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sameee I’m currently using it through mobile browser but it just doesn’t feel the same sighh