Can the dark mode for the community have a makeover?

I use dark mode for every single site that offers it, but this one is literally hideous, especially with (but not at all because of) the Wattpad and Community banners staying their normal colors. The whole thing is just extremely unattractive. So much so that I’d rather suffer through the bright light than look at it :joy: Any chance this could be fixed somewhere down the line?

I liked that old kinda aqua-turquoise blue they had before

I’m guessing this was before I started using the forums.

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It used to be this colour, and it wasn’t harsh on the eyes either:


I like the dark mode how it is, but I agree with @calmwolf that I’d prefer having the teal header back. The orange is definitely an eye sore with the black, but I’ve gotten used to scrolling so fast past it that I can avoid it.

The font is honestly perfect for me since it’s a san-seif plain font and my dyslexia actually really hates serif fonts like Times New Roman so it dies a little with that being everyones standard font LOL