Can Wattpad add bookmarks?



It’d be really nice if we could bookmark our pages, every time I open a book I’m reading it goes back to the very beginning. It’s super frustrating unless I am missing something here then I would LOVE this feature.


I’d like a bookmark feature too :slight_smile: , but here’s a temporary fix:

Wattpad auto bookmarks for you if the book is in your PRIVATE library. So make sure to add the book to your private library if you want it to save where you stopped (I mean, it isn’t always accurate, but it’s better than nothing.)


Thank you so much for the advice! I have the book in my private library, but I don’t know why sometimes it does save it and other times it doesn’t. ):


I had that before as well, and that’s a glitch, not actually intended.


This would be amazing. That would come in handy a TON.