Can Wattpad come in the limelight in the Times of India advertisements.

I was reading today’s paper and came across this Times of India(Ahmedabad edition) ad:

Wattpad has partnered with Times of India and has a tiny, almost invisible, mention in the banner here:

My point is why doesn’t Wattpad openly state in the print media they are partners in this campaign. Something on the lines of:
:wattpad: e are :wattpad: attpad. :wattpad:rite away to your hearts content with us. We are proud to have partnered with the Times Of India in this Write India season 3.

Tagging Emma @emmab as she’s the head of marketing. @nick You can promote Wattpad amongst the Indian Paid Stories. Just a thought here, Nick.

Is there supposed to be a picture?

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Yup, Zella :slight_smile: My laptop is wonky and doesn’t save pictures. Had to upload the picture from my phone :joy:

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When I click on this article:

I get this:

@gabby @vivian ^^

Thanks for flagging this @Nablai (and sorry for such a delay in responding!).

Our India team has been working with Times of India on many initiatives through a strategic partnership (you can read about that here.) It’s possible that we were not allowed to advertise in that paper ad, per the partnership agreement. I’m not as familiar with this specific deal but it’s likely it wasn’t our decision. of course, we’d love to shout from the rooftop any time we have paid media. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your reply, Emma :slight_smile: I really appreciate it =]

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@emmab As a solution has been reached, can you please close and unlist this thread, Emma? Thanks =]

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Hmm… If what you say is true, it can be a 85:15 partnership or around 75:25, with Times of India holding all rights over the paid print media. I have an idea and as crazy as it sounds, see no harm in dropping it here:
How about Wattpad brokers a paid media advertisement, in all the metros/metro cities for every 100 clicks/hits on their page. The 100:1 ratio is good. More than that would be detrimental for Wattpad…
Here are the advertisement rate details: