Can Wattpad come in the limelight in the Times of India advertisements.

I was reading today’s paper and came across this Times of India(Ahmedabad edition) ad:

Wattpad has partnered with Times of India and has a tiny, almost invisible, mention in the banner here:

My point is why doesn’t Wattpad openly state in the print media they are partners in this campaign. Something on the lines of:
:wattpad: e are :wattpad: attpad. :wattpad:rite away to your hearts content with us. We are proud to have partnered with the Times Of India in this Write India season 3.

Tagging Emma @emmab as she’s the head of marketing. @nick You can promote Wattpad amongst the Indian Paid Stories. Just a thought here, Nick.

Is there supposed to be a picture?

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Yup, Zella :slight_smile: My laptop is wonky and doesn’t save pictures. Had to upload the picture from my phone :joy:

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When I click on this article:

I get this:

@gabby @vivian ^^