Can Wattpad consider editing their "Welcome to Wattpad" article and adding this line?

So, a new user followed me and when I welcomed and directed them to the Welcome to Wattpad article on the help pages, I realised that there was nothing informing the new users about the Wattpad community forums.
Reading through the article, I think after the last line “Read our blog”, there can be a sentence like:
Connect with our community at the Community Forums (You can link the forums: ). You can read more here.

Something on the lines of:


Oh I agree! In general I wish regular Wattpad users were more aware of the Forums… though there are undeniable upsides to having such a small cozy group ^_____^


This is a good idea, I’ve been Wattpad since 2011 and I was aware of the forums in the early days but then forgot about it and then it was another writer who directed me here again.


I was on Wattpad during 2012 and never knew about forums until I joined again recently in Dec. of '19


I think I only found the forums again during the summer of last year!


This is a great idea, Nab!


@yvesdot @Belle_Dowson @reprintreader @LittleMinx94 Thanks for your support :sparkling_heart: I really appreciate it! =]


This is a very good idea. I found forums by accident once but had to go in search of them the second time:-) I had no clue how I managed to find them


Glad you liked it! :hugs:

Bumping this up! :slight_smile:

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Tagging Emma @emmab and Gabby @gabby here ^^ :slight_smile:

Nabeela, what exactly are you trying to achieve here? Emma and Gabby don’t tend to have too much to do with the forums, and repeatedly bumping thread could be considered somewhat spammy

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I’m trying to get a response from the Support team. Emma and Gabby are the only people I’m familiar with. Even if this isn’t their forte, they can guide me to the one who can understand what I’m trying to achieve here.
Emma made an article after I made a thread about it. That’s why I tagged her. I knew she would understand.

I’m aware of that.

If you’re aware of it, then I’m not sure why you’d tag them. Also, I’m afraid you’re getting your Emmas confused. EmmaB is marketing. Emma who used to work in Support has left the company. This is why you need to ask questions please, not just tag people randomly. If you’ve perhaps tagged one of the forum moderators and asked them to pass it up the chain, I’d perhaps understand the logic, but constantly bumping something doesn’t really work and is kinda against forum etiquette to my mind.


Can please you pass it up the chain? I really want Support to consider my request stated in post 1

My suggestion can help many users in making the forums easier to access :slight_smile:

I shall pass it up to Support, but I can’t promise it will be implemented.