Can Wattpad make an article so that people know how to access their ticket record?

I’ve come across quite a few people who do not know how to access their ticket records. Especially the new users. I’m aware Wattpad has the ambassadors team and they always help, but an article would be nice.
Can they make an article giving details/information regarding users checking their ticket record. Something on the lines of:

On the web:
Click the drop down menu from your icon and select Go to Help–> Go to upper right ‘Sign in’–>Click on ‘My Activities’—> Click on Requests.

You should see a list of all the tickets Support has issued.

On the app(Android):
On your profile Settings, scroll down to Help Center–>Click on the ‘Learn how to use Wattpad’–>Click on the upper right three bars–>Click on Sign in–>My activities–>Requests.

There should be a ticket issued by Support.

A kind reminder: Support works from Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm and is closed on the weekends.

Tagging @gabby here ^^ as I don’t know where to give feedback for something like this :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

I think it would be even better if something like that was included in the automated emails that get sent after reporting a ticket.


Agree with you. So that people would know how to check their ticket records :slight_smile:

Any changes that would improve the reporting system and make it more clear to users how it works are ones I’m in favor of.

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So am I. Anything to make improve the experience folks have of Support better and more transparent.

Thanks for your support (pun intended) :slight_smile:

@gabby As I’m not an iOS user and not familiar with the system, I didn’t add the iOS narrative :slight_smile:

I have a visual walkthrough on my account on my Wattpad Tips with screenshots for people.

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Mines iOS that’s included there but the steps are the same. Hope that helps. I’ll probably make a video on it to make it even easier as it still gets lost in translation of what to do.

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ok I went ahead with that video.

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What is “ticket record”?

Exactly. Nobody knows.

(See first post.)

@SierraFarted @yvesdot Technically ticket record is our Support inbox where we:

This is your place to:

  1. View current and past issues you have reported
  2. Check and reply to messages from the Wattpad Support Team
  3. Get updates on any discussion topics or support articles you have subscribed to

Have a look:

Hope this clarifies things a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks for this feedback everyone! Gabby is away at the moment but I’ve just created this article for information on this here (available now in the Help Center under ‘Known Issues>Troubleshooting’):

I’ll also look into whether we can add a note about this to the ticket responses we send as well.

Hope this helps!


@Emma Thank you so much, Emma :slight_smile: Much appreciated =]

@Emma I’m afraid I can’t access the page:

Tried refreshing and the hard refresh(Ctrl+F5) many times :slight_smile:

It’s an error for me too on iphone

Oo sorry about that folks! Can you try it again now? Should be working now :slight_smile:


Works for me :blush: