Can we add the ability to mute individual comment chains/threads for books?

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I just ran into the issue where someone mentioned me in a comment thread on a book they read, and suddenly my notifications became a wall of comment replies for a conversation I wasn’t even part of.

As far as I can tell, my only option (other than telling the people in the thread to chill out) at the moment is to disable all notification messages; the problem with that is I won’t be able to receive notifications from people commenting on my books or see if someone else updated their book. Change usually happens out of necessity, so I’d like to be able to opt-out of notifications for individual comment chains in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you go down to the bottom of the page you’ll see a little bell.
It’ll likely say the words “tracking” and you can hit that and change the status to “normal” so you only get notifs if someone tags you or likes your post.

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear; this is about book notifications on the site, not forum notifications. Someone mentioned me in someone else’s book to point out how a comment thread had blown up to a massive amount of comments, and suddenly I was getting multiple notifications per minute from the thread. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any tracking or mute option for individual books or comment thread, only completely disabling notification messages.

Oohh!! My bad! Lol.
In that case, I have no clue. I understand what you’re asking though, sometimes I wish I could do that too. Lol
You may be able to contact someone at wattpad hq and ask them if there is a function.

No problem, we’re all human~

I don’t think there is a function currently; the best option I can see is disabling all notification messages on the settings page, but that would mean no updates if someone posts a new chapter of a different book and no notifications is someone commented on one of my books.

Yeah, more than likely, but that would suck not to get the important notifications.
I guess until they make a function for it or IF they make a function for it, you’ll have to get those notifications you don’t want.

Yes, unfortunately there is no way at the moment to filter out or block/mute specific comments or notifications. If you’re suddenly caught up in a comment storm of someone else’s story, the only way to avoid being spammed with hundreds of notifications is to make sure you are erasing every single one of your comments on that thread.

If there’s a similar comment thread on one of your own stories, unfortunately you’d have to disable notifications completely, which would be a shame because you’d also miss all other notifications too, like comments, votes etc.

I figured that was the case; right now, the system is all or nothing, so it’d be nice if comment chains in books had the same tracking options as the forums or a mute button that could be toggled on and off for a single comment chain without affecting any other notification.

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Couldn’t you contact either the person that mentioned you or the writer of the book to delete the comment you were tagged in?

Possibly, but that’s assuming 1. they’re online when you send the message, and 2. they comply/can wade through the wall of text to find the offending comment.

If they happen to be offline, miss your message (which I’ve found is very easy if you’re not expecting a private message, at least on a laptop), can’t find the message, or it’s so far back that it crashes their device trying to find it, there’s nothing you can do about the wall of comments clogging up the notification page. It completely relies on someone else fixing the problem, so I would prefer a solution that the user having the problem can remedy without having to rely on outside assistance. The forums already have the system in place; why not books too?

Or when people get into arguments in the comments on one of your stories and so then you’re getting dings all day of each response between two strangers, having a disagreement that you have no involvement in but are forced to be notified about?

I usually tell them to move it into PMs, but seriously, I don’t care who you ship or why they’re better than this other person.

Most people in my comment section are pretty accommodating when it comes to others opinions so I’ve never had it happen personally, but that’s also a possibility. In that case, it relies on both people agreeing to take it to PMs without resorting to any ‘getting the last word in’ shenanigans and riling up the other person into responding further.

They can’t fix it overnight but maybe as a temporary solution for you. Maybe you can mute the people arging? Not sure if that would work or not but wattpad can’t fix it overnight but it is a good suggestion. To be honest if it were happening in one of my stories I’d take care of it if someone asked.

I would just want something I can do about the issue that doesn’t rely on poking someone else and asking them to fix it; being able to mute/turn off notifications solely for the offending thread would be ideal since muting people specifically might end up crossing over to other threads or books (unless it’s specifically programmed not to).

Also, my instance was roughly four or five people being silly and spamming a thread. The arguing thing was another scenario someone else suggested as a possibility.