Can we ever have private profiles on wattpad like how social media sites operate them?

Technology is there. eg,.
There are private profiles being tested it seems. Can it ever become a choice? (And off course being visible to moderators)

Sir Gav quoted

But if it’s to block users you don’t want them to see your profile then you just mute them

And yes, the mute has been upgraded to this:

Which I think is much better than that private profile


Sadly people can make multiple profiles and stalk someone if they wish. IP address is not blocked. I was wondering if wattpad ever lets us have privacy similar to facebook/

Same thing goes for Facebook.

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True but people choose who can see their profiles. I wish we had the option

I think this would be a fantastic option!

If you don’t want someone to see your profile, all you have to do is mute them.The whole point of Wattpad is having people see and read your stories.

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I appreciate the feature but they can create another profile. Having private profile is easier to filter people out

Ok, I don’t know how FB works but what’s difference with WP upgraded mute function and FB private profile function?

I mean does this mean any new FB users can’t see your FB account when it’s on private unless they ask your permission or no?

No Facebook users who’re not your friend can see your profile. The only thing they can see is your current profile picture and that’s it.

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I’m sorry, but the whole purpose of Wattpad is so that people see your work and read it. Making a profile ‘private’ to anybody but friends severely limits that interaction. It defeats the entire purpose of the site.


Might as well make a private tumblr blog then. It would probably only cause more exposing and hate, where someone would make their profile private before exposing so no one could report them.

(And no it’s not visible to us, as well as users we mute, we can’t still see their profiles either.)

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I think it’d be cool if we could hide books (or chapters) like YouTube does to videos. With the whole Unlisted and Private thing. Unlisted, only followers can see. Private, you can only see it if you have a share-code (or something). Idk, something like that.

There used to be private books and chapters. They recently did away with that. The books and chapters that were private were sent to drafts, in case the author is inactive and comes back online and wants to republish them.

Oh shoot, really? I knew there were private chapters, but I didn’t know they removed them lol

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Yup about a year ago :slight_smile:

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