Can we fix Wattpad? - A thread for the people



Hey Guys!

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of discontentment on the website. Mainly about Next, the surveys (“On a scale of please to delighted”), the community revamp, featured page etc…

I’m going to get the chance to talk to someone at HQ about my wattpad experience for an hour or so. I figured that if anyone had anything they might want me to bring up/ask questions about I’m all ears. Lets start by being heard.

What’s wrong with Wattpad? Help me articulate it direct to the source!

I’ve been on Wattpad for years, before ads on stories, before the app came out I think even. I’ve seen the platform grow and I’ve been so excited because, as an avid reader who had no money, I had thousands of books at my disposable. There’s some real gems here. I believe in the website.

So leave your anger here, on this thread. I’m talking to them on the 10th of December and I’ll keep everyone posted on what went down and what I responses I got.

Let’s fix Wattpad!

Transparency and other topics.

Sounds like a great opportunity! I hope you make the most of it!

I’m really not that upset about anything, so I think you should just be honest about how you feel and what you think. :slight_smile:


Hey you might check out Transparency and other topics. Where @AMLKoski talks about the answers she got from her call.


I hope you have a successful conversation and get the answers or solutions that you are looking for. I’m too indifferent to care if Wattpad becomes great or burns in flames.


I mean, I’ve only been a member for a month now, but I can tell you that their search engine sucks. I wish they had a way to better refine searches and more easily find authors and stories that we’re looking for.


Thanks so much!! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:


No worries! I know we chucked a but of things at Anna to ask, so maybe you want to riffle through it or see what has been asked already.


Hey there :slight_smile:

You can also drop your feedback in this thread-


I agree. When I look for a story to read on Wattpad they’re usually smut or some boring variation of what other people have done before.

So far the books I read are the ones I ran into from interacting with people in contests.


If you see anything that you think is contrary to our guidelines then please report it. More info here on that -


Man, if there was just one thing I could change about wattpad, it’d be adding the ability to filter tags out of searches. So when I search up something, I can choose to filter out the “romance” and “badboy” tags and no stories with those tags will appear in my search. That really would help a lot.

(also is “pleased to delighted” a thing that was actually in the surveys or are people just meme-ing)


You actually can do this! When you search, just type “-romance” and it should show you stories without the romance tag. So looking for a book about dragons but no romance and no fanfiction would look like:

#dragons -romance -fanfiction


There’s still something very wrong with the hotlists. The rankings that show on my book don’t coincide with what is shown on the hotlist.

I agree that some transparancy would work miracles for Wattpad. And it’s about time someone at HQ understood that less is more. Every extra click that a reader has to do to discover a certain story is a click too many. People are always lazy.


Did they change that recently? I remember it not being possible before.


I don’t know exactly when they added it! I’m just happy it exists lol


Thanks :heart::heart::heart: I appreciate how everyone is silling to work together to spread info


Lol I forgot who’s thread it was, I can go find it for you but she had screenshots of the survey. Pleased to Delighted was actually a thing… YIKES :grimacing::grimacing:


I’m legitimately mindblown


My NUMBER ONE pet peeve is adds for apps between stories. I know they need money to support the site, but in between chapters? And especially if I’m rereading my OWN book? Can I at least not have adds if I’m rereading my own story?


The reporting system just straight up doesn’t work.

Multiple users - including myself - have reported content that was against the guidelines multiple times and gotten back a “it’s okay” from WP. Now, you could assume that the books were actually NOT against the guidelines, right? After a while, I found out that you could report straight to ambassadors, so I did so and told my friends. We all gave the same reports with the same evidence to the ambassadors and nearly every single book reported was taken down. The only thing I can say is that it’s obvious the reporting team either doesn’t actually look at the reports, or they’re not doing it seriously enough! Eve reporting hate speech and users attacking other users has proven more effective than reporting books, but still not effective enough.

There are a few users who constantly attack others. Their accounts are suspended every other day! How many times does an account have to be suspended before the user is kicked off? Wattpad claims to be a “safe place for everyone” but I’ve talked to many minorities like myself, and a lot feel that Wattpad ignores the issues of minorities because they seem to not want to confront anyone. It’s a Canadian site and hate should not be tolerated. If the guidelines are made, they have to be followed, and I just wish WP enforced their guidelines more instead of being afraid to confront users about their behaviour!

Also, the way they’re going about the Next and all that is really strange. They claim success and keep expanding - claiming there’s more positive comments on books than negative - but if you look at a book there’s substantially more negative than positive. The bull responses for not giving data and other things lead various people to assume they falsified claims in the hopes that the data will change and show better results. The lack of clear and honest communication between HQ and the users hurts the community, and the way HQ dismisses complaints that MANY users voice is astounding. I wish they would listen more instead of dismiss all that isn’t praise. They’re exlcuding all users who can’t pay for Next books - which so far seems like a majority of WP - and they have no damage control for it. They constantly ignore the majority and the small creators in favour of promoting popular stories and they just need to remember that more people than those with a million reads are the users that make up WP, in my opinion.

Also, even if the preferred language is changed, the Beta books are only recommended in English. You have to crawl through mud to even get a glimpse of Beta books in other languages and it’s ridiculous! It would take no effort to promote all the Beta books in the same place no matter where or what language the user is using, and it would really feel less exclusive and dismissive if they acknowledged that not everyone’s primary reading choice is English and that there are minorities on the site :woman_shrugging:

I know they’re working on it, but the new ranking system sucks. Fanfiction is everywhere. Also, I really wish they would use the platform to uplift more undiscovered writers instead of promoting the same stories and authors with millions of reads and thousands of followers. Like, if they have a million reads, then obviously people are finding it just fine. PROMOTE MORE UNIQUE AND UNDISCOVERED STORIES! But make sure they are actually good and comply to the guidelines unless they want another Wattys fiasco :wink::joy:

The futures program was also pretty bad considering they selected some authors to get paid for the same length and amount of ads that were forced onto EVERYONE’S books. Like, there either has to be a difference in the ads in the paid books versus the normal ones or else it’s just wholly unfair to the majority of users!

Thank you and sorry for the long rant, lol. I’ve only been on here for a little over a year and I’ve seen the quality of the site decrease, so I have a lot to say :joy: