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How does one do this? I don’t need to report stories very often, but there was one situation that a close friend of mine was really upset about where the chapter she reported was apparently found to be ok. I think she and the other user talked and he ended up changing his book to fix it, but it would be really nice to know this for future bad situations.


Here! :slight_smile: I found it lol Surveys and Wattpad and why I am currently mad.


I remember that thread, lol


You just find a content ambassador and PM them with the report and your evidence! It’s pretty simple actually!

I’m so glad your friend was able to talk it out with the author! There was this one book that was incredibly offensive but was TECHNICALLY not against the guidelines - a major white saviour plot - and so I tried to talk to the author and tell them why it was offensive. They shot me down, insulted me, told me that it wasn’t offensive - even though he was white and trying to represent my culture in a historical fiction - and proceeded to tell me that the Portuguese were POC - just FYI the book was about a white girl being the saviour of the Aztecs that, in this story, had been forced down to Brazil and conquered by the WHITE conquerors which were the Portuguese.

I’m glad that author decided to learn from their mistakes and work to fix them! Sadly, I did not have the same experience! :blush:


You can PM Angel @Angelic_Vamp or Mira @miramallows with the story links on Wattpad.


Thanks for this. I have a whole lot of questions about Next and Futures as well. The reporting thing sounds terrible, I’m glad I’ve never stumbled on anything that needed to be reported.

There’s a lot wrong with WattPad but I’m also sympathetic to the fact that algorithms take time to perfect, it’s hard to please everyone and even harder to come up with a working monetization system. Why on earth aren’t they more transparent? They have minimal resources about their beta tests and various programs. I think a whole lot could just be avoided if they talked to their users. I hope it gets better.


It wasn’t easily accomplished. He was incredibly rude and insensitive to my friend (who had actually gone through an experience similar to the offending content that he was glorifying), and he attacked the reputation of the entire user-run review community that she and I are part of. He only gave in after multiple, multiple other people in the community came to our defense and told him it was not ok. There was a huge drama battle over it, and the only way it was fixed was by my friend repeatedly arguing with him over every single point that was a problem in the story.

None of it would have had to happen if someone from Wattpad had listened to the multiple reports that were filed against the chapter and agreed with us that there was an actual problem with the content.

Anyway, thanks for telling me about this. We’re an account that accepts every review request in our genre, but we won’t review ones against the guidelines (especially when they cause mental and emotional distress for the reviewer). I’ll keep this in my back pocket in case something bad ever happens again.


This sounds terrible! I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and especially sorry that this author got away with it! :anger:


A lot of it isn’t even algorithms though. If they admitted to the faults and said they were working to fix things - like the ranking system - I would be fine.

The fact is, a lot of the problems aren’t because of algorithms. A lot of the problems are due to poor planning, poor communication, and the fact that Wattpad wants to change and has bit off more than it can chew, honestly.

A lot of their problems have to do with organization, ignoring complaints, and the fact that there isn’t enough people paying attention to something and/or they just choose not to pay attention to it - like the reporting. I think they just need to step back from all these new updates and expansions and think of a game plan that includes some damage control. They have to remember that their majority of users atm are underage teenagers with no money to give and not that many reads. They either have to build up their new target audience RIGHT NOW before they started excluding their current audience - which they didn’t do - or make the changes work for the majority - which they also didn’t do.

Most of these problems seem to stem from the fact that, sometimes, it seems like no one at HQ knows how to run a business :woman_shrugging::joy:


I’m still proud your friend fought for it and was able to make a difference! And thanks for the support!

Yeah, the Wattpad guidelines on discrimination and such are way too vague. They don’t actually protect minorities from hate, from my experience. Also, white saviours are a well known trope used to show that POC are inferior to whites - and it was additionally insulted since, IRL, the Aztecs were wiped out by the white conquerors - and I really wish it was a banned topic, but WP is too afraid of confrontation to worry about a little racism, I guess :upside_down_face:


Wattpad has stories for adults, but you wouldn’t know it from the search results and recommendations. It would be nice to filter searches by intended audience age.

I’m tired of getting a book recommendation based on my other interests, only to open it and see it’s about a teenager with issues that haven’t been relevant to me since college. Wattpad is more than Young Adult! And even if the majority of your users are teenage now, they won’t be forever. So if you create an age filter for your adult users now, it should become more popular in the years to come and may even prove necessary for retaining longtime users.


Thanks for this chance =D
I hope you get to talk to them

Well, I loved all the changes except one: The GENRE’s removal. We have absolutely no way of figuring out what’s the genre of the story unless the author stated it in the description.

I wish they would place the book’s main genre right under the title or something

That’s all. Thank you!


Ok, no one should talk with the user. Gently and formal I understand but some part I wouldn’t recommend it. The reason why is while some accepts and change it but sometimes some could get offended and if they muted the user, they in turn will tag, attack, and expose the author. NEVER TAG, ATTACK, EXPOSE THE AUTHOR FOR WHATEVER REASON. (:arrow_left: is a note to everyone) and what was the chapter about? Plus a chapter doesn’t make it banned but it’s the whole story (actually, it depends).

She or you can PM me but she can just report, check ticket record, and only one person reporting is enough. (I know she reported and they said it’s ‘ok’ but when was that?)

Yeah, see? That ^^ could have make the users’ accounts in trouble rather than the author and story and multiple reports don’t work, it makes it ticket jam which means HQ no receive ticket.


I’m gonna state this and PLEASE READ

Always check Ticket record after report

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘My activity’

Do not let users report same user or story and only one (or victim) can. Reporting a lot from many users causes ticket jam and won’t go through to staff

Do not attack, tag, expose the hater or author for whatever reasons. Even a screenshot of PM that are evidence or funny stuff is NOT allowed and PM remains private, screenshot goes only to HQ

Bookmark this or remember them please.


See, no one knew any of this. It would be great if it were written down in the same place that tells you how to report a story because we all read everything that was said there.

The situation was kept private until the author himself attacked my friend in a public chapter for advising him through PM. She was trying to give him a chance to fix the problems before reporting it. Trying to be nice. The situation got out of control after that, and no one knew it would cause problems to have multiple reports. We thought having multiple people agreeing would make it better.

The chapter in question represented non consensual sexual acts between minors. The male was the hero of the story, and his actions were depicted in a way that several people agreed to be glorification and potentially harmful to the many young readers of this book. It was also biologically inaccurate, but that’s not against the guidelines as far as I’m aware. Just troubling for young teen readers who might not have had enough Sex Ed yet.


Damn glorified rape and an underage sex scene and WP says it was ok???

THIS is what I mean when I say that multiple people agree that it seems like a lot of reports are never even looked at…


or to find ANY stories we are looking for. Nothing I have published is showing up and I have a very dear friend who actually shut down her account because a story she published over 3 weeks ago STILL would not show up in any searches… She moved to Fanfiction instead.


That sounds a bit odd. Are you sure that it wasn’t showing up on the searches or just that it was really far down on the lists??


In my view?

1. Wattpad is playing too coy.

We all know what we want. We want to be able to peddle our stories and ask for stuff we want. But we have to go about it in the ways so roundabout that renders it nearly ineffective. Getting noticed is a job for social media gurus. Don’t force us to be shy and let us say what we want, instead of mastering the art of the thinly veiled product placement.

2. Wattpad does NOT reward READING

And without rewarding the READERS, this system is shaking. Please, stop running it on vapors and hopes of the 99% to make the fortunate 1%. Acknowledge that reading takes a lot of time, and CREATE INCENTIVES TO SPEND TIME READING rather than mopping that nobody reads your work.


It was a bit more complicated than that. The girl wants to have sex but doesn’t want to get pregnant. He forces her to not use contraception. Even so, we all thought this was considered a non-consensual sexual action. And yes, they were minors until the author changed it (just by stating in an author’s note that the characters are now 18 just because he says so, none of their behavior or anything changed to reflect this new age).