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That’s still rape. Not using a condom when a girl specifically asks to USE a condom and basically pressuring her into consenting is NOT consent. Any sexual act without consent, to me, is a form of rape. Some may be in more of a grey area than others, but it’s still wrong AF. And yeah, the age thing is just an excuse. May ask how old the kids USED to be? Because if even one of them was under 16 then just the sex scene ALONE should’ve gotten the book removed.

This is how a Wattys shortlist winner had an underage sex scene, people noticed it before WP who was supposedly “hand picking” these books, and then when people demanded it be removed, WP let the author change the ages after the author threw a tantrum because they’re too afraid of confrontation to follow their own guidelines and give things to the people that actually deserve it.

THIS is why I say that no one actually looks at the reports and why I think that WP’s fear of confrontation makes them ignore everything they pretend to protect the community from. The rules are just there for show, basically :woman_shrugging:


definitely not showing up. My friend wrote a book called “The Girl from Punxsutawney” - you can’t find it anywhere and that’s a pretty damned unique name.


also works in google - eg “harry potter -youtube, -hulu, -dailymotion…” for when you want to watch a movie, but are fed up of all the fake accounts on youtube redirecting you to bad slurpy asian porn.


Character age was not stated in the Wattpad book, and was not clear from context clues (as far as I’m aware, I didn’t read the whole thing, but I trust my friend who told me this), but it was in a fanfiction using characters from a tv show. In that show, the characters are 10. This is a tv show created for children. Thus we believe the audience reading the fanfiction would include many younger readers who would assume the characters in the story to be minors.

Anyway, I sent a message to my friend to ask if she wants to talk to the ambassador about it. I believe the situation is resolved now, but I would like for our community to have clarification about the best way to handle any situations like this in the future. I’m not trying to complain here but rather find the best solution to a problem I’ve encountered.


I didn’t know that! Thank you!!



Now I’m absolutely certain that WP doesn’t look at the reports because that book would not have been a subjective one like the non-consensual sex COULD have been considered - I mean, I agree with you, but some people might not.

But sex scenes with characters under the age of 16 are BANNED on WP and - if they had actually checked out your friend’s report - it would’ve been taken down straight away.

Seeing as this has happened with myself and countless others and WP seems to ignore us every single time someone brings it up, I rest my case for the sick excuse for a reporting system and the fact that the guidelines are nearly never enforced due to fear of confrontation on WP’s part…


I think bottom line here is that this kind of “I want it my way right away” attitude means some people are just entirely too sensitive, self-aggrandizing, entitled, and opinionated for a website like this. Rather than accept that the community at large is okay with the guidelines as they are and can actually police the site quite well - they repeatedly demand that everyone else conform to what they think. That’s not how it works. I get the mentality - it come from the SJW movement that demands (for example) a person be tried for a crime they did not commit, but that liberals think they should be tried for - then those liberals losing their shit when the outcome is the exact opposite of what they wanted it to be - so then they go rioting, looting spree to “protest” etc - despite that they have demanded justice (normally when justice has already been served) and the gov has kow-towed and put some poor clearly innocent bastard on trial for his life and proving once again - that the decision in the first instance was just. It’s the literary equivalent of that. Screaming your point repeatedly does not make you correct.


No, but some rules in the guidelines are not subjective, and the fact that the ambassadors found the books violates the guidelines when WP has said they were okay means that they DID break the guidelines.

Sex - even consensual sex - with characters under the age of 16 is PROHIBITED on WP, and yet - if you report a story that has it - someone replies that it’s ok. If they have guidelines, they have to enforce them when people point out someone who’s breaking them! If I find WP isn’t enforcing their non-subjective rules, I’m not going to shut up about it! From someone who has to fight for her right to be seen as equal and/or human everyday, I assure you that staying quiet is not the way things change.

Also, I think you should leave politics out of this because, when people group together conservatives, everyone claims discrimination, but grouping liberals together is obviously seen as alright.

We’re talking WP, not politics.


The guidelines are there, and they are enforced by the Trust and Safety team, but they have to be enforced fairly and in a non-biased manner. Just because 100 people report a story doesn’t necessarily mean it will be removed: it will only be removed if the team confirm that it is indeed contravening the guidelines.

And the team are certainly not afraid of confrontation or we wouldn’t be here talking to people.


The thing is, when these same stories with the same evidence are reported to ambassadors, they’re seen as breaking the guidelines and taken down. Obviously if the ambassador took it down, it’s not like it was subjective and we were reporting nothing, so why was it seen as okay and ignored?

And there are some non-subjective rules like sex scenes between minors. I’ve heard - and submitted - countless reports about underage sex scenes and they haven’t been taken down until I report to an ambassador. And an underage sex scene was in a book on the Shortlist this year, for god’s sake!

So, tell me, if they’re TRULY looking at these reports, why are all of these stories staying up? How did a story that breaks the guidelines get on the Shortlist and then stay on the Shortlist instead of picking another book that didn’t break the guidelines? Obviously our reports are valid if the ambassadors think so, so why are they getting a pass when reports are submitted about them?


You’re talking about specific cases which I’m afraid I don’t have exact knowledge of. I was responding to your comment that guidelines are never enforced due to fear of confrontation which is not true.


I’ve reported outright racist comments that reference to people like me as less-than and nothing has been done about it. I’ve reported so many things that are against the guidelines and, against I go straight to an ambassador, nothing is done about it. I have felt nothing but ignored by WP when hate has been thrown my way and when stories that break the guidelines have been reported and I don’t see any other reason WHY other than that Wattpad is afraid of people getting mad at them. They care more about pleasing this people than actually assuring that the community is a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

And you should definitely know about the Wattys story. A story made the Shortlist and had an underage sex scene that somehow the people that “hand picked” it didn’t see. People made a fuss and it was rightfully taken down of the Shortlist for violating the guidelines. The author made a fuss and, instead of telling them they broke the guidelines and picking someone else that followed to rules to be on the Shortlist, they allowed them to change the ages and put it back up. Please tell me how that was fair AT ALL?

I find it funny how so many complaints are ignored, and yet the people who break the guidelines somehow get excused all the damn time. Like, I’m sorry, but I’ve talked to many minorities on this site and a lot of have experienced the same kind of lack of action and attention from WP when experiencing hate amongst other things as I have, so it’s not just all in my head.

Look, I’m not looking to argue with you, I’m really not, but just please realize that WP is not enforcing the guidelines as well as you may think they are.


I’m not arguing with you either, we’re having a discussion, and if you’re having an experience on Wattpad that isn’t meeting your expectations then that is feedback.

But I would note that the staff genuinely do care about making the community a safe and welcoming place, and they’re always working to improve that.


If they’re trying to improve it then I sincerely hope they pay a lot more attention to what gets reported. Countless times on these forums I’ve seen people get discriminated and insulted and experienced it myself. Sometimes, other users try to defend. Even if an ambassador shows up, all they do is tell the person to be civil. If they don’t stop, then the ambassador tries to tell them the same thing but allows them to go on for ages before maybe shutting down the thread.

Why aren’t people like that made accountable for their actions? ESPECIALLY the multiple offenders? Why does the thread get shut down instead of the user being suspended?

In my experience - and I don’t blame the ambassadors, but the system they must follow - WP has done basically nothing with trying to stop the hate being reported, especially on these new threads! I even know of people who have been suspended multiple times for insulting people, and yet they’re always allowed to come back.

If WP is truly trying to improve and make this a TRUE safe and welcoming community, they should really tolerate less of this hate. There should be a “three suspensions and then your account is deleted” rule or SOMETHING because these people keep coming back and doing the same things over and over again and yet, somehow, they’re always allowed to continue and all the ambassadors are ever allowed to say is “stay civil”.

Also, please explain the Wattys situation, because I still don’t understand how that ever happened and how the story was able to stay on the Shortlist despite what happened. I don’t understand how you believe the guidelines are enforced so much when things like THAT happen all the time!


Also, people who voice experiences like this get ignored in feedback threads so…

This is a thread on how to fix WP. I’m sharing my negative experiences and saying how to fix them. Is that not the point of the thread?


Also, the wall post notifications are weird AF. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when people post something on their wall I get a notification that says “BLANK mentioned you in their post!”… But they didn’t. They should probably fix that as well unless it’s just a glitch I’ve been having.


The Code of Conduct is currently under review, but users are absolutely accountable for their actions, and you do not have sight of who has been warned and when. Do not assume that just because you’re not seeing something that it hasn’t happened.

And I’m afraid I can’t explain the Wattys situation as I’m not privy to the details of that particular incident.

You’re not being ignored, I’m talking to you.

Can’t say I’d noticed anything wrong with the Notifications today, but I’ll see if any of my team have seen anything.


Not being ignored doesn’t just mean you talking to me, it’s Wattpad acknowledging that there’s a problem that exists. People have brought this stuff up multiple times in other threads, so obviously people feel like there’s a problem.

Also, warnings do nothing if people continue to behave the way they do and no action is taken. Once things get so far, warnings can only go so far.

Like I said, there are people who state proudly in these threads that they’ve been suspended multiple times and continue to insult people and get reported and warned by ambassadors, but they always pop right back. How much tolerance is too much tolerance on a site that claims to protect its users from hate and claims to enforce guidelines that were broken in a “hand picked” contest and the story was still allowed to change the ages and still be a winner?

I really hope what you say is true and that the team is trying to fix these things, but my experiences haven’t given me much hope that things will change. If anything, I’ve been feeling as if this problems are being MORE ignored than truly having a light taken to them.

I’m not expecting change to happen right away, I’m not, but the fact that WP sometimes pretends that the systems to enforce guidelines and stop hate are working great just anger me when I experience these things so many times on this site. I really wish that they would just acknowledge the problems instead of seeing them dismissed like I have seen happen multiple times to multiple people.

To say the team is working on it and that it will change, someone needs to acknowledge that there’s an actual problem.

Also, I would love if the guidelines were less vague. There are a lot of things that I would consider racist and such that are subjective due to the guidelines, so it’d be great if there was more detail involved regarding what types of things are banned and what is not. I’m not saying I’ll agree with the definitions and boundaries, but I’d like to have them in place.


I think anything short of doing what she tells you to do counts as “being ignored.” Just my two cents.


Plus, my experiences are both discredited and ignored by trolls trying to tell me to suck it up.

God, I’m just going to leave the threads permanently because I’m sick of being attacked just because I’m not okay with staying silent amongst hate and obviously nothing is ever going to change :woman_shrugging:

I’ll just finish my books quietly and then leave for good. This place is too goddamn toxic.

Thanks for your time and I hope you have a good day.