Can we fix Wattpad? - A thread for the people



We’re aware of problems, we’re not denying them, and that’s why I’m saying we’re working to improve things. Wattpad aren’t pretending anything and we’re well aware of things, but we do have to reiterate to our Community the best ways to report issues etc. Is there room for improvement in reporting? Yes, always, and we strive to improve everything on Wattpad, all the time.

I hope you have a good day too.
Cheers, Gav


never once seen a conservative claim discrimination - liberals on the other hand - who use it as a mechanism to try and control everyone else - well that’s a daily occurrence for them - and and the post is very politically charged - it’s all about censorship - and not censorship for protection - but censorship based upon a single person’s subjective biased point of view. I am not surprised that you also think I should leave politics out of it (that old - “you need to stop doing that cos I don’t like it” dragon rearing its ugly head again). that’s kind par for the course for the type of environment your theories of censorship espouse. Notwithstanding - my point remains - one has absolutely ZERO obligation to be here. No one is forcing anyone to join wattpad, stay on wattpad, read stories that offend them on wattpad, read content they find disturbing, distasteful or disgusting - etc. etc. Anyone who has to repeatedly report a story despite it having been adjudicated upon already is the problem - not the thousands of other users who enjoy the environment. Who are they to set the rules for everyone else? even with this “no sex scenes with people under 16” rule - what of the 14 year old girl trying to come to terms with sexual abuse at home through - (shock and horror!!) - writing about it. I mean I guess its totally mad to expect a young kid to try and deal with emotional turmoil through one of the arts right?; or of the 15 year old boy who felt pressured into sex by his peers but really wanted to save himself for the right girl later in life and who might want to express himself through - (oh the utter humanity of it) - putting it down in prose!!!?? They are not allowed to have a voice here because someone might feel offended by it?? Someone who doesn’t even have to read it? With or without Wattpad’s guidelines in place - people should be able to be creative. If you don’t like it - leave. it’s really really that simple. Leave - go - no one will miss you and you will be permanently safe from the horror and indignation of reading that something that upsets you so much you have to complain about it over, and over, and over, and over and over and over again.
Save your reporting for adults who try to glorify rape, promote murder or harm, encourage suicide, religious hatred or extremism. or better yet - honestly - just don’t fricking read it!!


These threads are very civil, yes? Very respectful of other opinions, political views, and experiences :+1:




Wattpad has guidelines. You can’t just write whatever you want. Underage sex scenes are banned from Wattpad, so if I see a story that has one of those and I report it, I expect it to be taken down. It’s not that crazy of a thought.

I said not to bring politics into this because my political views do nothing to effect my opinion that guidelines should be enforced. The fact that you make assumptions about me and blatantly insult those assumed that assume do political view while blowing your top is just funny. I’m laughing :joy:

This is not a post talking about general censorship. I just said that the guidelines should be followed and reports should be taken more seriously. Nothing more.


Wattpad =/= the free internet.

Wattpad is a company that can decide what is and isn’t okay to be on the site.

The whole argument of “don’t like it, don’t read it” is used to shut down dissenting opinions and it is not very constructive in a thread that wishes to improve the overall environment of a site that many of us love.


Thank you :blush:

I’m not saying I hate WP, but I do think it has a lot of places it can improve upon, and I don’t think those negative experiences and suggestions should Ben shut down and insulted on a thread that literally has the purpose of voicing concerns and complaints to try to better the site!


I find the whole “focus on the good!” arguments to also be silencing dissent because people’s experiences with a site are more nuanced than “I love it!” and “I hate it!” Some people fail to realize that someone can enjoy using a site but still wish it would improve in X, Y, and Z. Otherwise, well… why would people stay if they hate it so much?


Yes! Like, a lot of things to me don’t work the way they’re should, but my experience outside the threads - ignoring the Next fiasco and such and focusing on comments from readers and followers - has been great! But I’ve found the threads to turn toxic really quick - obviously - so I’m trying to think about what changed from the old forums to these to think about a solution for it. Honestly, I don’t know what happened, so I’ll probably be leaving the forums for good soon because of how toxic they seem to have become.

But I don’t think it’s perfect, and anyone saying that anyone can write whatever they want on Wattpad is just plain wrong.

Anyone can write what they want on Wattpad WITHIN THE GUIDELINES THEY PUT IN PLACE.

Some of those guidelines are subjective, some are not. Books that violate non-subjective guidelines should be reported and taken down when reported.

Everyone has as much of a right to voice complaints and praise, but we all have to do it without insulting each other, political views, or making assumptions about people.


It should be clarified that only certain threads are known to turn toxic.

(Namely hot button topics and literally every thread about every Wattpad change ever.)

I guess times are changing, though, and it’s harder for some people to stay civil in certain discussions.


I find that even the good-hearted threads have been tainted by one or two toxic attacks though sometimes. I don’t know, I just feel like the toxic has taken over and you have to really look for the good threads…

Plus, you can’t discuss anything that even has the slightest importance because, from what I seen, it always becomes toxic!


I think that depends on the kind of people present. I’ve had great luck finding positive threads.

Again, I think that depends on the topics because I’ve made so many threads without issue on here.


Have the topics been all fluffy and without opinions though?

‘Cause I’ve found that every thread with opinions turns up toxic.


Depends on what you mean by “opinions”, I guess.

Like I have a thread ongoing with thousands of posts that’s legit just chatting and ranting about writing.

So, yeah, opinions do come up but no one makes a fuss about it.


I don’t mean a few opinions here and there, but basically the ones that ask people specific stuff - like this thread right here.

I find that - for some reason - sometime between the old forums and here so many people can’t seem to reply to an opinion without attacking that person!

I’ve seen fights - like attacking, insult-driven fights that got reported - break out over something as simple as “who’s your favourite ship?”

It’s been vicious, man


//zooms to see if I ever made a specific opinion-based thread before


I made this before:

For the most part, I think it was super chill.

Even this thread:

was also tame.

Found one with a poll:

That one stayed calm, too.

Tried to find a messier one and all I could think of was this:

That was a real trashfire.


Lol, they’re pretty tame topics.

But I also mean that there can be a toxic argument, even if the thread isn’t toxic in its entirety. I’m surprised the first thread didn’t experience any of that, honestly. I would’ve guessed it would’ve had at least one heated and non-civil argument :woman_shrugging:

Glad I was wrong!

And GIRL if you think you’re bias thread was a trash fire then you certainly haven’t seen many of the toxic threads :joy::joy:


I guess I’m a fairly tame person then. :joy:

I’m thinking the toxicity arises when a certain combination of users appears. #groupdynamics

Different experiences in different threads. :lumi:

I have but compared to the other threads I made, it is a relative trash fire.


True, compared to other threads, it’s one of your most controversial.