Can we fix Wattpad? - A thread for the people



tfw you realize you’ve made 67 threads on the forums so far

In my defense, I have too many ideas and a lot to say.


That’s a lot of threads! I’ve only made around 4, I think, and all were pretty tame except for ONE MAJOR SHIT STORM OMG I WONT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT


Yeah… it is. You can find the full list of all the topics I made here:

I know which one you’re talking about. Sucks that it ended badly.


It was basically a ranting thread to begin with and then it took a turn that honestly justifies why I think hate isn’t dealt with properly by WP :joy:

But anywho…

What do YOU think could make WP better?


Wow. What an open-ended question! :sweat_smile:

Transparency is my biggest complaint, honestly.

Anything else I could ask for is just icing on the cake.

Like private reading lists or multiple libraries, I want that so much.


Yeah. Transparency and communication is a big issue, I think. They make themselves seem so shady by avoiding talking about certain things or giving bull excuses for them.

looks at the lack of Next data to support the claims that we were talking about in that other thread



Did you see Nick’s response about the whole transparency to @/AMLKoski?


No, I don’t believe I did! Could you link it?


Let me see if I can find it!




Here it is:

tl;dr: The lack of communication was intentional.


Ok, just so I understand correctly. They’re currently trying to fix the communication problems, yes?


As far as I know, yes.

It still stings to know that this lack of communication issue was intentionally caused by them.


Yeah. The fact that they thought that communication wasn’t needed just because they weren’t specifically a social media site is honestly unbelievable.




I’ve said it before, but so many of WP’s business decisions and such are very questionable, in my eyes.

I think about a discussion about the WHY behind so many of these questionable decisions that have caused so much uproar would be incredibly enlightening.

Most times I’m baffled and can’t come up with a plausible reason as to why people who probably majored in business - hopefully - have been making these decisions, so statement coming straight from them explaining it would help a lot in understand what the hell happens in WP’s figurative head! :joy:


Now would be the perfect time for them to host another AMA.


@LightenTheShadows Iirc, Gavin had replied to Anna in this post on the same thread-

I’m not taking sides. But knowing Gavin as a person, he is honest and just. And I agree that he is vague about some things. As staff of Wattpad, he has insider knowledge of things. The company has protocol in place. Rules and guidelines which every employee must adhere to. Breaking them has consequences. He can share some things to an extent. To a limit. And he freely shares what he is allowed to share and has knowledge of. Count on that.

Every company has its own set of policies and regulations. And that applies to all the companies world-wide. Wattpad is a company. With a heart… :wattpad:



Companies have to protect sensitive information regardless of what business they run. Some things–like the algorithm–they will never share with us because it’s a company secret akin to secret recipes and confidential financial information.

However, I am glad they are starting to become more transparent in other ways. These threads are a great initial step towards making the community part of the decisions and informing people accordingly.

Wattpad is still a young company which is growing exponentially. We should expect some hiccups along the way, and some issues may take (quite a lot) longer to resolve than we would prefer.

As long as Wattpad takes measures to address these issues effectively and efficiently, I’m happy.


Hey guys, great discussion!

Just wanted to let you know that I moved this thread to the Wattpad Feedback + News category because I felt that it fit this category more. App + Site feedback is more feature-focused and specific (like asking for specific feature requests and whatnot) and this seemed more like an open discussion. Which is great, and we encourage! But just moving it to the category that fits it better. :blush:

If you have any questions, let me know! And continue to discuss away!