Can we fix Wattpad? - A thread for the people



Thank you so much, Gabby :slight_smile:


This is a really good idea. I remember always being frustrated by this but never thought its something we could suggest


Thats something really interesting. What do you mean by rewarding the readers? Like making it easier for their audience etc…?


Thanks Gabby !!


I don’t necessarily see this as fair criticism. I really hope you give my reply a decent shot. I’m not here to attack. I don’t think it does anyone any good chalking up valid concerns to “liberals being liberals”. I’ve read through both of your responses and there’s some stuff I can agree with but ultimately I don’t think your response contributes to a constructive conversation.

Objectively speaking your responses both showed the “I want it my way, right away” attitude that you’re fond of criticizing. You don’t see any major problems with the system and want everyone to think like you.

It’s almost like you

in your responses. Huh. There’s no room for discussion or wanting to understand a different point of view. Listening before you respond in any situation is always powerful.

With regards to your arguments:

I agree, it’s frustrating when users who write on controversial topics are reported and attacked, because a particular individual doesn’t like their content. It happens with books like DDLG etc… Because some random user decided someone else’s content was not okay for them, so no one should read it. If it’s within wattpa guidelines then that’s bs and should be called out.

This is as flaw in your argument. If the book was against wattpad guidelines then they aren’t the ones setting the rules. Wattpad is. If you have a problem with those guidelines then criticise wattpad for creating them. But in your words,

I assume you were including yourself in that too?

This is where your argument completely fell apart in my opinion. Wattpad has guidelines for a reason. I assume underage sex is against the rules so wattpad isn’t promoting child pornography (which is illegal, even written, by the way, not just on wattpad but by most laws depending on where you’re from).

I have the utmost empathy for victims of child abuse and if writing is their outlet I encourage it. Write away. No one is stopping them and I pray they find peace through their writing. But suggesting that this somehow makes it okay is baffling. Write away, but wattpad is a public platform/company and has to follow rules themselves.

Although it’s therapeutic for many, Wattpad is not therapy. Wattpad has no legitimate system in place to differentiate between children going through something and adults writing child pornography. Anyone can make an account and be any age. The reasonable solution is to ban all content of that nature.

Some victims of child abuse may find drinking as a way to cope with their struggles. Does that mean that said victim should be allowed to go into bars and purchase alcohol?

Ultimately it sounds like you have a problem with the guidelines and users following these guidelines shouldn’t be punished for this. As long as they are following wattpad guidelines and not going off of opinions and preferences.

I think this is what @LightenTheShadows was trying to get at.

I created this thread to voice every kind of opinion, for and against wattpad. I’m willing to listen but I hope the thread remains wholesome. It’s a place for constructive conversation and I’m glad we have some balance. I just hope that everyone voices their concerns or praises with an open mind and respectfully. Without attacking anyone or groups of people.

P.S I know some conservatives who also report things that they don’t agree with. Its nothing to do with liberals vs conservatives in my opinion just people being people


Good points here. Wattpad is a very safe community and it is important it stays that way. Which can be difficult at times as freedom of speech is also one of the key elements of the Wattpad culture. Voicing an opinion is good, I just sometimes wish people would also watch how they make themselves heard. Though I find Wattpadders amazingly constructive,friendly and supportive.
Respect, as you say, is important.
We are all different. As long as we accept that, we should get along just fine


I think you made a lot of good points and 100% got what I was trying to say so thank you and I applaud you. I didn’t reply because I felt I wouldn’t be heard and I really appreciate you stepping in and writing out that reply.

I definitely wasn’t trying to conform things to my views, only saying that we should enforce the non-subjective rules as they are - like the underage explicit sex scenes. Some we can report but - overall - it’s up to WP to decide whether it violates the guidelines or not, but there are some rules that are not as subjective.

Also, it baffled me that a person assumed and criticized a political view and saying basically that theirs is the only way while criticizing that view for not respecting theirs.

Overall, I had no idea how to respond in a way of being heard and I think you’re comment was wonderful. Thank you :blush:


Nope, other sites award points for reading you can exchange for prizes in the end of the year, like stickers, titles, covers, whatever, maybe even get highlighted, have given an opportunity to have Wattpad promoted top 10 reading lists, and I think those who read a lot should have their work promoted by the WP, so people have an incentive to read more actively outside of the read-4-reads arrangements.

Anything that makes a statement that Wattpad’s most precious resource are the readers, that it is a community that has millions of eager readers, rather than millions of writers, would be great. In 2018, it is the readers who should be celebrated as an achievement.


Please mention the above to them. The site is so buggy I can’t even.


This would be amazing. I’ve never thought of this. I’ve been reading for years and it’s never popped into my head. #makeWattpadFunAgain @Wattpad you should check this out.

I think everyone would gain here, if Wattpad is trying to maximize read times, getting readers more involved would be great more engagement, badges, it might make a better community too.

Better community also benefits the writers, more engagement for everyone too!

Readers are rewarded and as a result everyone else too. Win win


There was a thread about this in the past and I do recommend you look at it:


no it’s not - it’s common sense. Why the hell would you read something that you know is going to offend you? It’s glib to do the whole “shut down dissenting opinions” - it does nothing of sort. It simply says - “if you don’t like it - don’t fricking read it” That’s perfect common sense. Instead - people read it - knowing they will be offended and not caring that very few other people will be - then loudly complain about it and scream that they are essentially being abused and ignored because wattpad will not do what they want them too.
If you don’t like what you see on wattpad - shut down your account and move on.


Hi there,

Please remember that on these threads we should be treating each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Your right to freedom of speech is actually not fully protected here. As @astrophile said, this is a private site with rules and regulations on content. I will have to edit the end of your post as it crosses the line into direct attack against another user.

Thanks for understanding,


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And a writer just posting DL/DR in response to people taking issue with things like those banned in the site guidelines also feels to me like a cop-out from ever having to critically examine the harm the romanticization of certain narratives can cause.

It’s not about people saying “you need to stop doing that cos I don’t like it.” It’s about things that actually hurt people. Not “like” or “dislike”


Why is message board block a thing? I usually have conversations with people on their mbs and the wait time for it to be lifted is way too long. I get people spamming ads on other’s message boards is an issue but why is it there if you can’t send multiple messages? Like sure you can say conversations are for pms but what about authors who thank users for reading and say they got a lot in a day? Just some food for thought


what was a “direct attack against another user”?


When you said this:



nope - that’s not it - there is nothing in there that is a personal attack - it’s all aimed at a principle - i think @stpolishhook may have edited something - but there’s nothing personal in the version you’ve just posted.


Honestly? It was 22 days ago. I edited somthing but i am not sure i can see the edit now


oh I found it - she did not like me suggesting that people who deliberately seek out things to whine about are insidious idiots - and rather curiously conflates that opinion on the general “everything offends me so much and my job is to seek out things to be utterly offended by” mentality prevalent on this website with a personal attack. Utterly beyond me why she came to that conclusion - it’s very clearly not a personal attack. but it is what it is. I’ll follow the excellent example set by a very excellent writer on this website and move onto to somewhere with more consistent, intelligent policing. :slight_smile: