Can we fix Wattpad? - A thread for the people



no i found it - and it was not a personal attack. thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Yes i found it. And yes, i maintain that it was. Im not going to repeat the peice that was edited but it was not respectful and thus i took it out


there is a difference between you finding a comment disrespectful and it being a “personal attack”. I accept that it was not respectful to a number of people - and it was not meant to be - like I would not be respectful to pedophiles or racists. But it was absolutely not a personal attack. Surprised that you can’t tell the difference to be very honest - you are charged with moderating content! Anyhoo - doesn’t matter to me that much - just came on to slose my account and saw this utter nonsense -thought it ought to be addressed. >:slight_smile:


This thread should have remained dead


They still haven’t fixed the rankings yet! XD If anything, I think it’s worse now.


Lol, I’m so done, honestly :joy:


Discoverability of new works does seem to be an issue right now (acknowledged by Support here: - and a recurring issue, judging by earlier postings I see about slow index updates and rankings.

Not sure whether the indexing engine simply stops working for weeks or randomly misses new works, but either way, it’s a fundamental issue. Wattpad seems not to adhere to what’s considered the foundation tenet by most content discovery systems ranging from the humblest book critique web site to massive content aggregators like Apple Books, Amazon store, Goodreads, Google / YouTube, etc. Which is: every published item is discoverable if you refine the search enough. In Wattpad, this isn’t the case. Those systems manage to make newly published items discoverable within seconds or minutes. Wattpad tells you it’s discoverable (Your work has been ranked!), but it is not necessarily true.

The above may be a problem for some existing works too, according to this thread: A book lost all rankings

Self-reads counting as reads is another issue I’ve noticed, and has it’s own thread: Removing authors own "reads"

I’m sure Wattpad is working hard to resolve the annoyances, but as a recently-joined member, I’m surprised at how fundamental some of the current and recurrent issues are.


I didn’t think my small thread would be considered for linking :rofl: Thank you, and I updated it with the info my ranks are back in action :slight_smile: (I totally forgot to do that :sweat_smile:) It took only a few days, so I don’t see it as a big issue, but if it would repeat and/or in bigger scale, it could cause instability.

I note down my ranks, and the update rate seems to be from 3 to 5 days. I think that’s okay. Not too often to increase the traffic, but enough to show how one is going up/down :slight_smile:

I personally see it as a small bonus :laughing:


Just updating my own post to be fair to Wattpad.
The Wattpad ranking system did eventually catch up. A week or 10 days before the new story was discoverable by any search I tried, then another week before it appeared under maybe half of the keywords it is apparently ranked for. Three weeks after posting, it is probably discoverable by all ten. So the ranker is not flat out broken, just slow :slight_smile: The ranking logic is not terribly obvious - for example, my story gets a high rank in a tag I considered minor, and is not ranked at all in the more relevant tags. Go figure. But at least it’s there.
Keep crunching, Wattpad. We’re rooting for you.


I don’t have anything bad to say against Wattpad. I’ve been a writer there for past four years and it has given me thousands of readers on a global level. I attended Wattcon in October and figured out Wattpad is a really big thing. If you’re selected as a Wattpad star, then sky is the limit and I’m hoping one day I will :heart:


This thread is a mess. :joy:


Is the “tag I consider minor” one that not as many works would have applied? I mean is the total number of works with that tag smaller? Are the other works with that tag even less active in terms of updates and interactions? That could explain a work ranking high. It’s doing better, comparatively, than other works with that tag.

As for the “more relevant tags” are these upper level, like genre level tags? Are they tags many other works would also use? If so, then there’s more competition, because more works use the more popular or upper level tags. Therefore, it’s more difficult to rank in that tag due to the chance other works with the tag also are getting interactions.

IDK if maybe I didn’t understand the comment. But, to me it seems like it makes sense it might be that way.