Can we get a total word count feature for our stories?

Since there’s a minimum 50,000 word requirement for the Wattys, I think it would be lovely to have a total word count feature for our stories (if there isn’t one already. If there IS one, please let me know because I’d LOVE to use it)! It could be located in the same area as the Story Details and I think it would be a super helpful tool for writers on here. :heart:

I’ve been writing directly on Wattpad lately and I’m not sure how many words away I am from reaching the requirement. I have over 40 chapters in my book and would like to know how far I am away from the 50,000 requirement without having to add up every single chapter manually!

I think this is a feature that could benefit a lot of writers on here, so I hope the Wattpad team considers adding it! :slightly_smiling_face:

You are a brave soul. I agree though, having a total word count would be pretty cool!


i second this!!


I know! I usually don’t do it that way, but I think my brain is sick of writing in Word Docs! :rofl:

I’m not getting any flow going in Docs but I’m keeping up with a nice flow writing directly in my Wattpad chapters. :woman_shrugging: May my rough unedited drafts be freely released upon the world! (I’ll be sure to back them up somewhere once I make more progress, for sure, lol!)


I’d love this feature too! I’ve been writing in google docs and word; then moving it over when I’m done. The problem with that is I’m using one file per chapter and making another file for the next chapter and so on. It would be very time consuming to add it all up.

I would love a total word count feature!


I like this idea! It shouldn’t be that hard to implement - if they can already count the number of words in a chapter, adding them up and displaying it somewhere shouldn’t be difficult


Right? I know it’s calculating the chapters already, so hopefully there’s a way to take those word counts and accumulate them into one number without too much effort!

I just finished going through 30 of my chapters so far and typing every single word count in a calculator to figure out my words so far, but it was definitely a bit of a pain… :sweat_smile: :joy:


Oh my goodness, you’re doing a separate Google Doc for every single chapter? :cold_sweat:

That sounds like a huge pain but it’s still better than what I do; I put the whole book in a giant Google Doc but then when I change the Wattpad version I try to transfer the chapters I changed over. But if I change multiple chapters I often forget which ones I changed and have to start over transferring all of my chapters to Google Docs again :grimacing:

It’s a painful process and I should just write in Google Docs the whole way, but sometimes writing just flows easier for me on the Wattpad app directly… :woman_shrugging: lol


I used to write everything out on word but the problem with that is my laptop isn’t very reliable, if it broke one day I’d lose everything. That’s why I started using google docs, if the worst happened I’d still have my work that way at least.

I tend to write a chapter, then edit it and then upload so I’m only working on one at a time. I already know where the whole story is going before I start and I have a lot of notes to work from so it’s not too confusing yet but I’m worried I’ll start getting confused in the future!

I’ve never written directly onto the Wattpad app but I’m starting to feel more lately like I want to give it a try.


I can completely relate. I’ve had computers break, crash, get viruses, and all matter of things. I like having an online Google Doc or Wattpad version (or both) of my stories so I don’t lose them. Writing a book is a ton of work and I wouldn’t want to lose mine, either!

Oh, that’s a nice process. I’m not much of a planner so I typically jump from scene to scene and all my notes are messy and…oh, it’s just bad! :rofl: I think you have a nice workflow going!

I don’t usually, but if I get writer’s block in my other writing platforms it feels like a breath of fresh air to write on Wattpad. I guess it’s comparable to how people say sometimes if you’re tired of writing online that writing by hand in a notebook can help!


I definitely couldn’t write now without google docs/drop box. I’m way too paranoid about losing my work! I’m having to learn not to get distracted while I work though, I used to disconnect my laptop from the internet so I’d focus and get work done but now I’m writing online I can’t do that. Surprisingly I think I’m concentrating better like this though.

When I write I like to know where the vague story is going at least and have all the major bits plotted out before I even write a word, sometimes it goes off in a completely different direction but I try!

I’ve never thought of using a different system to write with when I have writer’s block. That’s wonderful advice and I’ll give it a try the next time I feel uninspired!

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This sounds like an amazing idea!

For the readers even!

Some books have 25 chapters but 75 000 word count while other have 50 chapters and 45 000 word count.
In this way the readers would be able to see how long is the book they are meaning to read!

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It’s super easy to get distracted writing online! :sweat_smile: I’ve definitely been there, too! Most of the time when I’m on the forums I’m procrastinating lol! :joy:

Happy to hear you’ve found it easy to concentrate, though, and I hope it continues that way! :heart:

Stories and characters definitely have a way of taking us where they want to go, regardless of what we have planned! But I think that’s some of the wonder and fun of writing :blush:

And absolutely! Hope it helps!! :heart:

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It’s so weird that they don’t.

I’m awful when the internet is connected, I think ‘I’ll just research this for a bit!’ and then realise I’m on websites that are nothing to do with my work and I’ve been on there for over an hour. I’m doing my best to write first thing when I switch my laptop on so my brain knows this is time to work!

Working on google docs has helped though!

I find that no matter what I plan for my story or characters it always goes in a different direction. Never too far off but they like to tell their story their way and I really do love that about writing. It’s a surprise even to me sometimes!

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I’d love an option to display line counts directly in chapters too, for poetry’s sake.

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I like that they do for individual chapters but, yes, I’d think it wouldn’t be too hard for them to cumulate it. Hopefully we’ll see the feature soon!

Haha the dreaded research tunnel :joy: seems like it can go on endlessly!

It’s great to program your brain to get used to writing at certain times of day and in specific locations! :heart:

Totally agreed; my characters like to take me in odd directions too!

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That’s a cool idea! :heart:

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I like the idea and i hope they do it…but I have author notes so that’s gonna mess up my numbers :joy:

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