Can We Talk About/Play Magic: The Gathering in the Pub?


Hello Pub! One of my favorite games to play when I’m not writing (and procrastinating) is Magic: The Gathering! My friends and I meet up monthly (if not weekly) to play a few rounds of EDH, spending hours upon hours chump-blocking and counter the living daylights out of each other.

I figured I’d start a thread to discuss what style of play we like? Or, if there are any newbies interested in learning how to play, they could come by our table and learn a thing or two. Beers on me. :grin:


Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m New to The Pub and would like to learn how to play, if you are willing to teach me.

Have a lovely day :slight_smile:

Cheers, Nab =]


eyyy! I just got into Magic recently, actually. so far I like Commander the best, though I’ve only played a few formats atm.

blue is easily my fave color so far, with green coming in second (I love the big monsters, ahaha).


I definitely haven’t heard of this game before, so anyone is welcome to clue me in. :sunglasses:


Hey! Sorry for replying so late!

@Nablai @WritingChick88
So, Magic: The Gathering is a TCG. Sorry, it’s not a forum game! However, there are ways to play it online with people!

That said, if you’re still interested in learning, here are 2 videos you can watch to learn how to play:

20 minutes, more in depth, comical:

5 minutes, basic understanding:

My main commander deck is a mono blue Talrand deck. It has like 11 creatures and the rest are counter spells and removals. Total control! Although, it’s not a particularly good deck in large games of Commander. It’s the one I’ve put the most money in but I think I’ll build a better deck real soon.

I recently started building a commander deck around Rakdos. You can view it here:

This guy is a monster. I spam Eldrazi cards for 0 and it’s insane. I love this deck so much!


Thanks a lot =]


This is definitely interesting - thank you for this. :grin:


that’s wild, ahaha. I haven’t really started deck-building or anything like that since I’m still so new. at most I’ve been to a couple draft tournaments, and the Commander deck I have is the Arcane Wizardry one (that my friend got for me as a birthday gift a few months back, lol).

actually, I still have a bunch of cards I need to sort through from the last draft tournament I attended a while ago…

(also, that Explanation Point video is one of my favorite things, haha. ExPoint has such great content)


ExPoint and XP to lvl3 have very similar editing styles. I think that’s what makes ExPoint so fun to watch for me. I do some DnD stuff, too, so I try and watch a lotta stuff on that to help keep me creative and motivated.

Drafting is a good way to learn a lot of the mechanics of MTG. It’s a ‘trial by fire’ to learn synergy. It can be a lot of fun, but it’s also tons of fun to simply pick the cards you want for your other decks (which I often do for the first few picks)


yeah, I love ExPoint’s editing style. and hey, I play DnD, too :smile:

I want to get more into deck-building. my friends who got into Magic a lot earlier than I did are always talking about the new decks they’re making, lol.


I see there’s a MTG thread again :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for far too long. About 15 years. Commander is pretty fun. My Tier 1 deck is Grixis Storm using a few infinite/near infinite combos to kill everyone.

My playstyle is usually combo or tempo control, but I can play all the other styles.

MTG can be as complex as you make it, but it is a very fun game :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought any decks in about 10 years. The last decks I bought were in 2008.

Oddly enough, I still remember how to play the game. It features heavily in my Meteor Girl novel.


Ah, I see that was during Morningtide/Eventide days. At least you missed the Stoneblade/Jace the Mind Sculptor days for Standard.

2008 was when I started playing way more. What set did you start playing from?


The original decks from 1995-1997. Then 1998-2001.


Nice. So you played round about Alpha days. man, the prices now are stupid :confused:


I know. Even when I was working, I didn’t have a chance to buy any new decks.


That sucks. And with how the reserved list changed, everything is so expensive now for Legacy and Tier 1 EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander - otherwise known as Commander for those who haven’t heard of it called that).


I have heard of it, never played it. I still have cards like Doomsday and Leviathan in my decks. In card sleeves.


Doomsday!!! :slight_smile: There’s a fun combo with that. Actually, there’s many fun combos with that lol


Or Armageddon. That’s a nasty card.