Can We Talk About/Play Magic: The Gathering in the Pub?


Or Mesa Chicken or Knights of The Hokey-Pokey.


I love Armageddon. What about balance? I had one EDH game where someone had an Affinity deck. They cast balance on turn 1. Everyone had no hands, lands, creatures, artifacts or enchantments. The whole table scooped of 10 players. It was hilarious


I dug out all my power cards from this deck–not from my tin:

Polar Kraken. 11/11 creature. Comes into play tapped.

Leviathan. 10/10 Creature. Comes into play tapped.

Lhurgoyf. This card has power equal to the number of creature cards in all graveyards and toughness equal to 1 plus the number of creature cards in all graveyards. (This one is my favorite.)

Venusian Doppelganger. (Need I say more?)

Armageddon Clock. (This one’s nasty because it causes damage to the player that are equal to the number of counters on the clock. But the player has to pay 4 mana to remove a counter during its upkeep.)


I haven’t seen that one.


I know that one. I have most of the card list memorized for MTG. I’ve been playing for a long time with many, many formats.

Here you go :slight_smile:


That sounds like my character’s Ragnarok card. Except that card doesn’t cost anything to play and comes tapped. But the side effect is that it burns half of all lands in each players deck–minus the ones that are in play.


Hahahaha, nice.

MTG has changed a lot in the way how the speed of the game is now. Legacy is so much fun, but stupid expensive :confused:

I would love to play paper Vintage one day. At least I got to watch some IRL this year. Was hilarious to watch



I only got into M:TG in September of last year basically around the time my boyfriend also got into it (him with Ixalan and me with the Edgar/Vampire Commander deck).

That being said, however, I enjoy playing Commander. Decks include the aforementioned Edgar/Vampire deck and one of the recently released Commander 2018 decks, Adaptive Enchantment (with Kestia, the Cultivator at its head).

Thinking of building a House Dimir/Zombie deck as well whenever I have the financial resources to do. :blush:


I. Love. That. Deck. I’m very tempted to buy it and make it as consistent as possible. I’ve always been a fan of Enchantress decks.

A zombie deck in UB would work really well. Zlmbie as a tribal deck is a lot of fun sonce they have so much support :slight_smile:


I haven’t really done much with mine since I got it. Still trying to figure out what to put in as well as take out, y’know?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking, so…


I’ve played for a long time, so I have an idea what to put into the enchantress deck.

Yeah, the zombies are quite strong :wink:


Fair enough! :stuck_out_tongue:


I play a fire/water dragon deck. A bit expensive, but deadly.


Nice. How is it expensive may I ask? Does it run a lot of the harder Dragons to find?


It does. I think I’ve gotten almost all of the mythic rare dragons. But some of them run at over 20 dollars per card.


I keep forgetting how expensive MTG has jumped in the last year. It’s crazy.

Take the card “Wheel of Fortune” for example. I got it 2 yeas ago at $25 USD. It’s now about $100 USD :0


Hi everyone…:smile:




Hello. I’ve played MTG a bit with my boyfriend and some other friends but I’ve always played with a borrowed deck. I really want to make my own deck but I’m not sure where to reallly begin other than I 110% want my deck to include Siege Rhino.

Can anyone try to help me build my first personal deck?


I would buy a basic, pre-made deck first. Then you can slowly add your own cards and take out ones that aren’t very good.