Can We Talk About/Play Magic: The Gathering in the Pub?


Hello all


This game factors heavily in my Meteor Girl novel. The main character has some pretty sweet cards. One is called Ragnarok–which eliminates 50% of every land type from every player’s deck.

Doesn’t cost anything to tap or bring out. It’s similar to my own Armageddon card that I have in my collection. But the latter destroys all lands in play.

Ragnarok takes out everyone’s lands before they can be played and thus reduces everyone’s ability to play with a fully charged and flushed deck.


Dang. Sweet card. I’d love to say that I have cards just as powerful, but the most powerful card I have is either a card that gives my creatures flying, haste, first strike, vigilance, trample, and protection from spells or a card that, if you pay A LOT of extra mana, becomes a 20/20.


I haven’t bought any new decks since 2008, but I can tell you, if I could get some cards that had some sweet abilities, spells, counter spells, or mana burn abilities, that would be at the top of my list of cards to buy at the local comic shop. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately mana burn doesn’t exist anymore :frowning: WOTC changed the rules and made it obsolete :confused:



My favorite card, back in the day.


Years ago, I played this card with a group of five or six people.

My next play was the Black Vise. Pretty damned funny to watch everyone’s reaction- then GAME OVER,MAN!


This one time I was playing with two friends. One of them had this card that out all creatures in both his and everyone else’s graveyards into play under his control. Keep in mind this was pretty late in the game. So he has over 70 points worth of damage. He decides to go all in (which was a stupid decision in the first place, but hey, it was midnight) Then my other friend, barely keeping it together, plays a single forest card for one mana. That card was Fog.