Can you critic my covers and aesthetics?



I really would love to improve on graphic design skills so if anyone could give any feedback or tips on different covers and aesthetics I would be so grateful :smile:

Thanksgiving Character Doodles (Temporary Shop, Open)



I like where the text it put and the design around it. It’s very aes pleasing. However, the light background and light text makes it hard to read. I’m not sure exactly what, but something feel a little askew on the background photo. Maybe the huge difference in light/dark and focal point?


So do you think it would be better if I reduced the brightness of the flower petal? Thank you so much btw :smile:







I make covers too! You’re covers are really pretty and balanced. I think your covers will be even better, if you sharpen your skills a little more. So, here’s my critique for each one of them:

#1) A bouquet of Dead Roses
I love the way that you put the text in the middle to make the cover look balanced and give a delicate, exquisite look. But, I think it comes off looking a little text slapped. I think that if you fade the flower a little more, it would make a huge difference. Because the colours is a little too much all together.

This one is my personal favorite. I love the colours you used and everything is just perfect!

Colour scheme is on point. The text can be seen clearly. I just think something is slightly missing, something that would really draw you in more.

I have nothing to say for the aesthetic. It’s just brilliantly put together. Very pleasing to the eyes.

Great work!


Thank you so much!
1 yes I agree, maybe I should shorten the title itself and minimise the font size a bit. Maybe I can edit the photo a bit and see what happends

  1. Thank you. :blush:

  2. I agree, it seem a bit bare but I’m not sure what I can add to it. I’ll look around and see what I can come with. Thank you

  3. Thank you again .

I’ve now started some courses in graphics design so hopefully I’ll slowly improve :smile:




I believe in hard work!

This was my first work when I started designing. (Lol :joy:)

Now I think I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve improved.

I believe you’ll improve too! Besides, your covers are already gorgeous thus far. :slight_smile:

(P.s. your aesthetics are so good! I could never do aesthetic.)


Thank you so much and oh my gosh YOURS ARE AMAZING! What apps do you use?


I’m currently using Gimp, and Medibang Pro. They are both free photo editing apps, and very effective. :slight_smile:

I’m planning to get into Photoshop soon though.


I’ve not heard of those 2 I’m going to go get it now. Yeah I don’t have photoshop at the moment but I would like to get it in the summer


I have nothing to add that hasn’t really been said. I think maybe the little bubble text boxes in the boards are a bit stranger, but that’s all I have against it. Otherwise, great job!


Thank you so much! What did you mean by its strange for the boxes?


I think the placement is a little strange. They are scattered randomly.


It was meant to be like tags on an insta post but I do see what you mean.


Is this a Canva template? If so, I advise against Canva, but if not… The placement is lovely, but the font is hard to read. White against pale pink isn’t a good shout, unless you add a drop shadow or something dark under the text. The fonts compliment each other, so well done on that! The image allso seems a little low quality, and I think a simpler cover would work for a poetry collection, at least the ones that I’ve seen and read. Overall, really nice composition, you definitely already know where to place text.

I’ve never seen an aesthetic laid out like this, it’s really simple. Is it a poster? :slight_smile: The fonts used are unique, but do clash somewhat. I advise changing the EVERYONE font (is it Lemon/Milk or Bebas? It looks like one of those! :smiley: ) to the same as above, or using one that compliments the overall feel. The EVERYONE line is also not centered, or the primary text isn’t centered – I’m not sure which. The image is cute, did you make it? I like the hearts, all I have to say about that is that the black lines go into the hearts which is just a minor problem, and I guess I’m being nitpiccky. :slight_smile:

This is nice. I love the colours and fonts used, but hard to read. I don’t make Wattpad covers, I make them for eBooks and paperbacks, so something I always pick up on is how text isn’t considered important here. I really like the use of two colours, it’s striking and I love it. I would consider changing the word DEVIL’S to red, rather than PET, but that would just be a personal preference. As far as genre cues go, this looks like it would be a kinky erotica piece, but that’s just because of the red and black theme. There are no genre cues, so I would consider that when you make covers. Overall I really love it. :smiley:

I don’t really know what an aesthetic is for, but they’re pretty. I can’t offer feedback, but it looks nice! :smiley: I feel that you need to learn more about genre cues and font pairings and placement. Your colours look good, you have a nice understanding of that, so I feel you could just focus on developing your own unique style. And again, genre cues are important, so learn more about that and how to put genre in. Something I like to do, is go on Amazon and have a look at covers in the genre I design for. I specialise in fantasy and PNR, so I mainly scour the top 100 and see what themes, colours and ideas get used and recycled in the genre to see what sells. Other than that, GREAT start! Just keep practicing!


No i made the first one from scratch. I dont like using templates so i try and do it myself. But I did use canva to group the hearts together and to aline everything. Thank you :smile:

The second one is a fantasy book about demons but not erotica :sweat_smile:i see why you would think that though.
I will change the color of devil to red, your right it does make a difference and emphasies the correct word. Thank you so much for the feed back :blush: