Can you critic my covers and aesthetics?



I can re edit the picture and try again, it was taken with my phonw but i still have the original thats probably why its low quality plus i added a grain efffect


Ahh i absolutely love your covers! What software do you use to design them?


Ah nice! It looked like one that’s why I asked c:

No worries! :smiley: Just going off the only genre cues I had, haha

Grain is super hard to get right :stuck_out_tongue:

I use indesign and photoshop cs6 :slight_smile:

Thanksgiving Character Doodles (Temporary Shop, Open)

i totally dig the background and i feel the main change that this cover needs is a different font. something covering more area, like Swimsweet, Malina or Justtrue (just an eg.) , because otherwise the cover looks too empty and plain. The color scheme is great (:


okay first of all, the coloring and balance is really working out for this aesthetic! but one thing that i’ve personally noticed is that symmetry ends up playing a big role in making something more aesthetically pleasing. just a suggestion (and it would be perfectly acceptable if you don’t agree with this) you could try putting these same pics in a 3x3 square template and see the difference. it would make it more appealing imho!


Thank you so much! Which cover were you referring too? And about the aesthetic thank you that is very true. I did that without a grid, it didn’t even occur to me. I’ll definitely do that when I get the time :smile:


These are soooo good! Your cover of The Devil’s Pet is my favorite and looks really well done!!


ALso Falling out of love with everyone is my second favorite! It reminds me of up


Thank you so much :smile: I still need to improve the Devils Pet cover and change the colour of Devil to red and change the pet to white. But thank you