Can you make me a trailer?

So my book is rather complexe with lost of different characters and story lines all based around the fictional kingdom of Riverfield. I was hoping someone would be up to the task of making me a trailer?

Can you explain more in depth? I’ll give it a try.

Backstory: It is set in a fantasy world called Riverfield, which has been destroyed by decades of civil war between two royal houses. On one side is House Blood characterised by fire magic verses House Winters which is characterised by ice magic. At the time of the story, House Blood is ruling the country after killing the previous king. The dead king’s two daughters are sent away to the human world to be hidden away. (Based on War of the Roses).

Ten years later (this is when the story starts) the Blood Prince (name: Ace) (so the son of the king now on the throne) comes across the two ice princesses (names: Rose (eldest) and Lana (youngest) )(the daughters of the previous king who have been missing and presumed dead for years) and brings them back to Riverfield. The girls become prisoners in the palace. The King wants to use them to secure his throne and wants to marry the eldest daughter to his son. Twist: Rose and Ace are soulmates, but nobody knows. Meanwhile House Winters are preparing for war now that their heirs are back, the sisters are informed of this and Rose struggles to accept her destiny to be queen. During this time the sister are pretending to be obedient when in reality they are also preparing for war by making allies in high places.

As story unfolds we learn that Rose does not want to love Ace and pushes him away, whereas Ace does everything in his power to keep her (sort of a tragic love story).

In the end Ace betrays Rose as she and her sister try to escape. Lana gets away but Rose doesn’t and Ace forces her to marry him, but during the wedding the war starts (House Winters invade with Lana as their leader) and the book ends with Ace being stabbed.

It is important to note that Ace is not the antagonist, he is one of the main protagonists. He is just blinded by love and torn between his duty as prince and his heart.

The story is told in 3 points of views: the main being Rose, then Ace and then Lana.

Then second aspect is focused on Brielle and Caspian who are royals of Earth Nation. Their baby sister is kidnapped and to get her back they need to use Ace so fake his death and use his power to their advantage.

All the main character’s destinies are intertwined (but they don’t know it yet) and they need to come together to defeat the evil that is coming to Riverfield.

Oohh okay this is very interesting…will be challenging for me but I will work on this.

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Offer still stands?

Go Here to request a trailer. There’s examples in post 2 or 3 if you want to see some trailers I’ve made.