Can you poorly explain your plot?

Are you able to explain your story without giving it away?

For example, here are some poorly explained movies that you might know:

The Little Mermaid

  • A guy who could barely swim marries a fish with tits.


  • A story about a beautiful romance that ended all because the girl would rather let her boyfriend die than share.

Jurassic Park

  • Really old giant lizards go on a rampage and start killing people.

Forest Gump

  • A woman continues to reject a mans love for her until his good luck makes him wealthy.

Now it’s your turn! Can you explain your story?

Inter-Universal Protectors Series

  • A bunch of immortals running around the multiverse

I’m quite sure that gives away nothing about the plot :joy:


Dark Affinity

  • the social system is a total letdown for a whiny teen

this was actually really hard to come up with sbksbsksns


Haha these are usually pretty fun.

”By Tooth and Claw” -
A virologist helps his friend discreetly cure his case of space rabies. He’s not the only one out there.

”The Quantum Pearl” -
A high schooler gets involved with a battle between immortals after discovering he’s one, too… when time freezes.

”The Legacy of Raschov” -
His girlfriend is killed, so he gets his group of friends to help find the killer and get revenge.

”Passing down the Flowers” -
An old nun gets advice from a young florist, who she decides is her successor.

”Music to my Ears” -
An environmentalist joins up with vampires because immortals obviously are invested in the environment.

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Mist of Doom - A journey across a state and a mountain-shaped living fortress of flesh filled with aliens, zombies, dragons, ogres, gargoyles, mechas, and hallucinogenic mist.

A Lion’s Way Home - A lion boy gets stuck in a corrupt academy that trains werebeast mercenaries.

The Sluts Guide To High School

  • where overly confused teenagers pull random pranks on each other to keep up their reputation.
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The Alpha’s Wicked Queen

Where a bunch of people are lying to a girl who is playing with all of them

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Bitchy girl has shit taste in men


Billionaire’s Best Friend

A billionaire who found a best friend.

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Everyone keeps dieing including Addison, and Addison has quite frankly had enough

A lot of my works aren’t published, but I’ll still use them

The X-Event: Two sisters scream and argue then eventually turn out decent and try to stop the end of the universe.

One Minute to Midnight: A bunch of men running around like headless chickens to stop a nuclear war.



I really love the title “One Minute to Midnight”.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Being Neighborly
New girl mutually stalks boy with daddy issues

(wow that was terrible lol)

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I honestly just snorted, that’s hilarious lol


Descent into Madness: Relationship troubles doom the world.

Eternity’s Dime: Immature man fucks with fate.

Shade of Grey: Ghost talks murderer into taking in strays.


Gosh I love these posts and how every. single. reply makes an even more interesting book that needs to be written XDDD

Obsidian: An epic tale of 10 MCs who will prove, once and for all, that life really isn’t worth the agony.

Poison: A vampire trying not to drink the blood of a vampire hunter who actively tries to get him to drink her blood.

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LOL This wins.

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Love, Nate:

  • An obsessed dumb girl who just can’t figure shit while time-travelling
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Emotionally unstable kids try to save the world from three rocks.

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