Can your character do that? (The Game)

To play is simple:

  1. The person above will post a question like “Can your character do…?”.

  2. The person below will answer by saying which character can do said thing.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Follow The Example:

Person A: Can your character do a handstand pushups?

Person B: Charlie can not do that.

Can your character do sign language?

Person C: Andrea can actually.

Can your character eat with only a spoon?

My Turn:

Can your character sing professionally?

Julia can, she has a good voice and took singing lessons. Josh Brook can’t. He could almost carry a tune when he was a human, but now that he’s a cat… don’t ask him to sing. :joy:

Can your character dance passably?


Demetrius is decent at dancing though it’s not his style.

Can your character bake and cook well?

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Josh used to enjoy baking when he was human. Now that he had paws, he can’t.

Can your character beat their friends at chess?

Demetrius doesn’t have many friends. He is kind of a loner and keeps to himself. But if he was to play chess he would play with either his sister Erena or brother Lucian.

Can your character ride a motorcycle or drive a car?

Josh Brook could never ride a motercycle- he was never that cool. However, he drove to work every day. Now he can’t do either, same same… :joy:

Can your character eat a whole cake by themself?

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Lucian can probably do it only to get weird looks by his siblings.

Can your character get away with murder?

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Mittens definitely can. In fact he’s planning to. Josh Brook… he wouldn’t, but if he did it’d be because nobody suspected him in the first place. Julia also wouldn’t, but if she did she could probably lie well enough to.

Can your character touch type?

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What do you mean by touch-type?

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like, the techniqe used to type fast. where you use all your fingers or most of them instead of hunting and pecking.


Oh, okay. Going back to your question.

Demetrius who is good with electronics can do that to some extent.

Can your character do a marathon?

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Mittens is good at short sprints, but he isn’t in good enough shape to run a marathon. Neither are the others.

Can your character draw?

Nicholas does some drawing though not that much.

Can your character surf?

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Josh was never coordinated enough. Mittens hasn’t had the chance to learn, but he could. Julia can.

Can your character keep track of all their sock pairs?

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Demetrius is fairly good when it comes to keeping track of things. So, socks are something he’ll keep track of even though the servants mainly do that.

Can your character eat all of their vegetables?

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yes, unless they encounter one they particularly hate. Julia couldn’t eat much okra, and Josh couldn’t finish a big plate of it. Mittens would find it disgusting but it wouldn’t stop him from eating it for appearances sake.

Can your character act happy when they’re in a bad mood?

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If Demetrius is in a bad mood, he will show it. Unless it involves his sister.

Can your character swim?

Yes Ophelia is somewhat good at it, her brothers taught her to swim

Can your character read a book in a day?

Demetrius can not.

Can your character whistle a tune?

No Ophelia can’t, her brothers find it hilarious

Can your character pull an all nighter?