Can't Figure out How to Subscribe to Wattpad Premium?



So, this is a weird question and I’m sure I’m missing something but here we go.

So I decided to try subscribing to premium because I’ve been reading a lot on the app and the ads are getting annoying. So, when I opened the app I realized that the off-putting blue button at the top of the app that’s usually there, isn’t there anymore. I figured since the rebrand they probably decided that didn’t mesh well with the new aesthetic, then I went into setting still didn’t see anything. Figured maybe it was because I was on the beta app and went to the normal app: zilch. Went to the mobile website and found nothing, same with the desktop version.

So… Am I just missing something? Or could it be possible that premium is not available in my current country? Any ideas? 'cause, I’m incredibly confused now, and I’m 99% sure I could still get premium before they updated to the new design, but then, I’m not sure, I stopped noticing the premium button on the app pretty soon after it popped up.

Also, I’m not subscribed already, I actually thought I may have accidentally subscribed at some point but I’ve checked with other accounts I rarely use and I still can’t seem to find out how to subscribe.

Any help is appreciated, I would like to get premium so I won’t deal with the many, many ads in between chapters.


Have you tried doing it from the web on a laptop? (I can see the premium button on there)


Nope, nothing on the web version from my laptop either.


Where are you from?
Also it can be a glitch/bug


Hmm… That sounds very odd. I checked out if it’s a known issue but there was nothing. I’d send a ticket to Wattpad. You can do that from here:


@matzeztam I’m from the U.S but I’m currently living in Japan. Although, that being said my IP should be registering as a U.S. address. Also, I still have access to Wattpad Next books as well as the coin wallet, which as far as I know hasn’t been rolled out to Japan yet.

@AWFrasier Okay, I’ll do that. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


Actually you being in Japan might be why you can’t access Premium. When I go back to Denmark (I normally live in the UK) the button disappears for me too. Even if I use a VPN it doesn’t come back. So that might be your issue - though I don’t know if Premium is available in Japan or not.


Ah, I figured that might be the reason, but since I can still access the Next features I was hoping it may have just been a bug :sweat_smile:


You can access all bought Next books even when you are outside of the country.


Wait. VPN doesn’t work? :disappointed_relieved:


Not for me. I can’t get it to disappear when I set it in Denmark either, when I’m back in Scotland. Believe me, I tried :joy:


So, I actually already submitted a help ticket, is there a way to close it since I’ve figured out the problem?


I don’t actually think so? But they’ll probably come back to you and then you can tell them the issue has been solved.


Ah, okay.

Well thank you for your help, I’m glad I wasn’t just overlooking the obvious.


No bother :smile: