Can't get my user name to change. What am I missing?

This account uses my email but it was made by my kid years ago. They’ve long abandoned it but I need Wattpad now to work with someone else and I need to use my email. They put a silly user name but as an adult I really don’t want that user name.

I’ve tried and tried to change it but all it does is change the name in the header. When I post or try to write something or in my messages page it stays the same. (I tried to change it here in the forums too but it wouldn’t let me futz with the name at all)

I was going to delete this account and then use my email to sign back up but it seems all that does is reactivate the account.

I know there has to be a way to do this in both places. The help page I got the instructions from seemed pretty clear its possible but it doesn’t work.

I searched the forums but the only thing I could see was log out and log back in again. I did that but it didn’t change anything. (also I searched for how to use the user tutorial, couldn’t find any posts then asked in a thread then figured it out and afterward I found the instructions in the forums. So I know I have to be missing something but for the life of me…

I’m really not that smart of a person so I can miss little things or misunderstand so if anyone can help walk me through it…

user name

You’re probably trying to change it from the profile which isn’t the right spot, that just changes the display name. From the web click the drop down menu from your icon and select settings. Change the username in there. Not sure how to do it if you’re trying to do it from the app since i don’t use the app.

Once you change it on Wattpad then you would log out of the forums and log back in to change it here.

If you need screen caps let me know and I can set some up.


I appreciate your reply! I would love screen caps because I feel befuddled. I’m going to try to root around per your instructions but I suspect it will prove more difficult that it sounds. (I’m a hot mess).

I’m on a PC not in the app.



Actually it was a lot easier than I thought thanks to your directions. I found it immediately. You were right. I was trying to change it from the wrong place. Here’s hoping it will stick when I change it!