Casting Call / Character Audtions | follows for all who audition | payment for 3 or more

first off, mods if this isn’t the right place, please feel free to move it to the right category (I wasn’t sure tbh)

So as some of you may remember back before all the changes on wattpad there used to be a place for character auditions. A place was writers can hold “Auditions” for people to enter made-up characters to put in their story, as extras, side characters ext.

I need some more characters for the story im working on, the roles varey in importance from filliars to support characters

The story is a teen fic, that takes place in highschool (senior year) the easiest way to desribe it it similliar to Buffy, except less vampires, more angels, demons and other creatures and the MC is the last decedent of Cain, which although doesn’t give her much in the way of physical abilites, does make her able to tell human and non humans apart, she can’t be turned due to her blood (vampire, wolf ect) as well as have various beings hunting for her blood.

Things to know before you apply

Characters can be any gender, rac e or sexuality, this book is LTGBQ friendly. They can be human or “supernaterual” Angels, demons, witches, werewolves, vampires, fae, humans anything eles you can think of that I can’t at the momment Although keep in mind I’ll choose less for the angels.

you can cast/audtion more then once

and characters of all ages are accepted but more teen’s would be better

Casting/Faceclaims already claimed are:
Taissa Farmiga
Dominic Sherwood
Cole Sprouse
Jordan Connor
Skeet Ulrich

Role: (good, evil, neutral,ect)
Faceclaim: (if you cant think or find just let me know what you think they look like)
Anything eles:

Name: Stella

Age: 17

Gender: Trans female

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Race: Black

Role: (good, evil, neutral,ect) Neutral

Faceclaim: (if you can’t think or find just let me know what you think they look like) Jazz Jennings

Personality: She likes to read and write. ambivert. manipulative, apathetic

Anything eles: She’s double-jointed in her shoulders She was diagnosed as a psycopath so she has to take medication (So she’s a functioning psychopath)

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Name: Nixx
Age: Looks about 16, is actually 25
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: South African, African-American, French mix.
Race: Witch
Role: (good, evil, neutral,ect) Neutral
Faceclaim: (if you cant think or find just let me know what you think they look like) Pink hair, dark skin, dark eyes. Has freckles across her nose and various piercings.

example picture


Personality: Is bisexual and aromantic. Uses her abilities to gain money and favors, the two most important things in life. Lives in a populated area. People like to avoid her. Very apathetic and manipulative. Owns a black cat. Wears the finger bone of her dead child around her neck.

Anything else: If not already explicit, lost a child. This was due to a demon, after she tried to manipulate the demon into paying more than she’d asked.

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Name: Emily Matterson
Age: looks 20 but is ageless
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Unknown
Race: Angel
Role: (good, evil, neutral,ect) good
Faceclaim: (if you cant think or find just let me know what you think they look like) A young woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin
Personality: kind and caring but can be tough if she needs to be
Anything eles: insanely smart and strong

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These all look so good so far