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Hi! I’m Marie, and I would love to help you out in between my own chapters. I have been in an english-intensive school for four years, and consider myself strong in both grammatical and structural/plot editing.

I’m willing to work on any number of chapters, though I ask that you remain patient, especially with lots of chapters! Good editing takes time. You can expect long comments, detailed analysis at the end of each chapter, and grammatical corrections. I’ll likely also be asking questions and communicating with you to make sure my suggestions are understandable and useful! I work primarily on google docs, and will edit every genre except fanfiction. Thanks for understanding!

Payment is one detailed comment on my book Smoke and Silver for every chapter you want edited!! (ex. if you want 3 chapters edited, you would pay 3 comments.) I also ask that, in addition, you place Smoke and Silver on a public reading list if you request 5 or more chapters. Go ahead and shoot me a PM if you’re interested. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll clarify.


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Hi, could you go through horror drabbles and help me make them actual drabbles? The last two were too long, but after a while of trying to shorten them to no avail, I posted them anyways. If I may ask, would you be willing to check out new drabbles as I post them, too?


hi! sorry, i’m swamped right now. I can help you at a later date, if you’re still interested.