Caution: Third Party Offers


I’ve tried to see if I could figure out how many users there are, but either I’m super bad at searching - or they’re not disclosing because the amount is ridiculously low.

You see sites like Wattpad boasting (and right fully so) about 70 million users.

Even Tapas isn’t shy of telling people they have 2 million active users - which is much less but at the same time there’s 2 mil active users spending 340 million minutes a month on their content. (There are 750k stories/comics)

So yeah, I’d not put my trust in Readercoin - besides it might hurt your chances at getting paid significantly more on other sites that want exclusivity to that particular story, or it might hurt your chances of publishing.


Yes I wouldn’t want them having exclusivity, that is big no no especially with how dodgy their whole TOS seems to be. Also wattpad is seriously one of the most popular if not the most. Its hard beating readership like that. This site honestly seems to be more about what writers could do FOR THEM rather than the other way around. With Next and sites like Raddish if I’m not mistaken paying more than them and aren’t exclusive, why would I ever give them that kind of access?


I think Radish is exclusive? And Next is too, if I’m not mistaken. You can’t have Book A for sale on both sites. But I might be wrong there, so correct me if I am.

And yeah… That TOS man… It’s so riddled with spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes I just can’t take it seriously.


No its not Nick cleared that up. Tamara lush (is that her surname?) has both a book on Next and Radish. She just had to remove one of her books from Amazon if im not mistaken but you can sell your story on multiple platforms.


I’m pretty sure Tamara wrote a book specifically for Next and isn’t selling it anywhere else than on Wattpad - she does sell other books on Radish though. But not “Crash” - I think that was a Wattpad exclusive.


I’ll have to check that to clarify. I do remember she was indeed asked to write a book for Next but I do also remember Nick saying Next does not lock authors.


Yeah it doesn’t lock authors - but I think it locks individual books that participate.

So you can sell Book A on Wattpad
Book B on Radish

But you can’t sell Book A on both.

Again, if I’m wrong and anyone knows something else, correct me!


Okay I just took a look at the language used and i’ll say you were right. Unless I’m misinterpreting big time, both Radish and Wattpad Next are exclusive and that according to Tamara broadens her readership. It also goes into why she would have taken books down from KU as well. When it comes to these platforms though(well specifically wattpad I’m not on raddish so i can’t speak to them) I don’t mind they are exclusive because they have a track record of being transparent with authors. These newer platforms or platforms that appear new and reinvent their own image have nothing to offer authors from what I can see.


I understand the exclusivity to a book - I mean, I wouldn’t want to have a product for sale that another site also has when it comes to something like this. Especially because it could start a bidding war. Where would the readers get the most for the price and stuff like that.

Platforms like Readercoin just make me very wary. They don’t seem to be very transparent. Also, it kind of seems like the site is dead.


And that is where the cookie crumbles or rots or whatever lol. It really doesn’t seem benefiting to authors.


Just to add to this, always always read the fine print. It’s amazing how many people don’t educate themselves with business decisions :confused:

Or know business in general . It’s a scammy, scam, scam world out there. There’s gonna be a lot more of this no doubt :wink:


Radish is a bit different from the others as it also has actually published authors with solid backing. But the other websites just seem really fishy.


Cranking up the prices is fishy and something to be wary of, but besides that, I think it’s a stretch to call it a scam when it’s not taking any money or rights from you. A bad deal, maybe, if you’re trying to sell your work elsewhere. But I use the app to listen to librivox books I would listen to anyway, and to post previously-published (either in literary journals or posted online) short stories, and fanfiction, none of which I have any real hope of being able to further monetize.

So far, readership is low, but the app hasn’t been around long. It may grow. If it doesn’t, oh well - I can later delete my stories, close my account, and lose nothing. Also, even though there are clearly not many active app users, I personally get more eyes on my work there than on WattPad where my stuff gets no notice among the bazillions of other stories. People actually read and rate my whole book, unlike on WattPad where I have to join a book club to get anyone to read and vote on the first chapter of my book and I attract no attention beyond that. So that in and of itself is something I prefer of Readercoin to WattPad - I can tell how many people read or listened to my work, how many people finished the chapter, the rating on each chapter, etc. obviously if you already have an audience on WattPad or are good at/enjoy the social media style advertising, then WattPad has the advantage, but since I’m not into that I appreciate not having to do it there.

If they were taking money, or had fine print in the TOS demanding rights, or making false promises to attract users, I think it would be fair to call Readercoin a scam. But they’re pretty upfront about what they are. If a hypothetical author with a story that could have otherwise made them big bucks on Kindle or with a trad publisher does Readercoin instead, even that doesn’t mean they were scammed - it just means they didn’t make the best decision, but even then, it’s not too hard to rectify. And for a hobby writer there’s nothing to lose but the time it takes to record and post the story.


Wait, there’s a site monetising fanfiction? That’s… Illegal. That’s a huge breach of copyright. They’re going to get mega-sued by the original owners. :grimacing:

And for the rest of the comment, yeah I agree. If you like the way they run things, that’s all good.

Back when they contacted me though they made it out to be this fantastic new app that could make me a lot of money. I generally have a huge dislike for sites that underpay any creatives in any forms. It has huge impacts on the business in itself and makes it harder for creatives to actually earn a living. It also further perpetrates the opinion that creatives shouldn’t be paid a fair amount by consumers, and that creatives should just get a “real” job. Makes it hard to become a full-time creative when people don’t want to pay you. And that paying us with “exposure” is acceptable.


This. My first Next book (Crash) was written for Wattpad. Another book (Drive), about some of the family members of the hero and heroine in Crash, was on various platforms and a version was on Wattpad.

Drive has been taken down from all platforms and is now exclusive to Wattpad - and will soon be in the Next program.


Also, one can put exclusive or backlist on Radish. Exclusive is preferred, since they will give you more promo/better placement. But lots of writers do have books on Radis and Amazon.

I also believe Rob Thier has the same books on Radish, Wattpad and Amazon.


Thanks for chiming in Tamara :smile:


As of today, I’ve published a free novella in a new series on Wattpad (not a Next book), and another book in the series is paid and exclusive to Radish. It’s my little experiment this year to see how much synergy the books will get.

Eventually, everything will be removed and put into KU.


Off topic. You have some nice covers, did you do them or were those paid covers?

Thanks for chiming in.


Thank you! All of my covers are done by others - I have no graphic talent. I use two designers: Mayhem Cover Creations and Najla Qamber.