Caution: Third Party Offers


They are pretty nice. It was pretty cool too how your fonts are all pretty much uniformed across the covers.


About fanfiction (with apologies for straying off-topic) - I think any creators would send a cease-and-desist long before an actual lawsuit became an issue, at which point they could just take it down or maybe change the policy altogether. I think it’s probably less likely to be an issue than it seems. There’s plenty of fanfic on amazon (in spite of it being against the TOS.) I’ve literally seen self-published fanfic of Minecraft and Pokemon on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. For some reason, fanfic authors tend to be more worried about lawsuits than fan artists and other creators of derivative works, but I don’t see much evidence to believe it’s actually much of a legal risk. In the case of Readercoin, they probably allow it (while most monetized platforms would not) because they’re not actually SELLING the fanfic.

Anyway, it does seem a bit fishy that they initially tried to draw a crowd by claiming people would make a lot of money. I understand why you would call it a scam now.


(Sorry about the off topicness!)

If it was in B&N they probably obtained the rights. An author in Denmark wrote books about the W.I.T.C.H. comics (they were popular back in the 00’s) which could technically be fanfic - but she got the rights to do it, publish them and earn money off of them.

Fanart usually goes under “parody” clauses of the copyright laws - unless it’s Disney. Disney will sue you for everything you have and your cat.

I’d definitely be careful of monetising fanfictions. You never know when you’re going to be the unlucky sap that’ll get sued. Not to mention, using someone else’s creation and making money off of it isn’t the best etiquette.

But yeah, Readercoin is not a place for me, personally.


I know but them going to WP to find writers is still violating the rules. I know this topic is about awareness for fishy sites but it made me remember back when they were the first(?) going around PMing wattpadders.


Books invited into the Next program are exclusive and can only be available through the Next program on Wattpad’s different outlets (the app, website and so on). Not even a little bit of your book can be available outside of the program.

I know this for sure.


Yes, thank you for chiming in! :smile: I was pretty sure the Next books would be exclusive, but I didn’t have a definite source.


I was contacted by Lunar Novels, a website trying to poach stories. I reviewed their TOS and it’s straightout theft. They claim rights to publish your work in other media and not share any royalties, the right to use your characters in work they create, and do whatever they want with it. It’s insane. They have offices in the US and Vietnam.


I’ve been contacted by Dream something twice so far by two different people. I don’t mind it but I asked around and some people have told me that it’s a scam.


I wonder if these are related to other weird PMs I’ve been getting. I haven’t been on the site in at least a month, and I’ll sometimes get people DMing me specifically to flirt.

I thought that was mainly a Facebook thing.

Also when I look up Majestic Inc what I get is Athletic Apparrel. But something to keep a look out for.

It maybe legit, it might not be.


It’s not related to scam sites like the ones mentioned above. They’re specifically trying to poach you as a writer to other sites with the promise of a ridiculously small amount of money.


Ah so it’s one of those.

It should be noted the Japanese system of seeking out writer talent is different, as writers work directly through online submissions sites like wattpad, where writers get taken up by Magazines like Cobalt and other Light Novel mags.

So I find it disengenuous to call that poaching.

I’m not saying don’t do background research, but background research all places you put things online, and give no exceptions.

But I did give a heads to a friend about them.


It’s against the Wattpad rules to come on here only to try and poach - which is what these sites are doing. (Dreame/Ficfun, Inkitt and other sites like that)


Dreame won’t even release their TOS until you publish with them. So you could be signing your book and characters away forever.


Sounds similar to Inkitt I think.


Which is why I added #7.




Which tells me they’re not interested in writers who want to keep control of their work and be paid a fair price for licensing it. (Not that I think they’ll have any shortage of people willing to sign up. Far too many writers sign horribly unfair contracts even when they have the opportunity to read them first.)



This isn’t the first solicitation I’ve gotten. I’ve also been contacted by Sweek and one other platform I don’t remember. It was ages ago.


I’m looking at the site now. The interface is pretty fugly.


“… but why limit you’re stories…”