Caution: Third Party Offers



:expressionless: At least install Grammarly or any other free editing tool before going live with the website.


According to their terms, they’re based in Sweden. I must dig deeper.


Well it’s a good place to base websites. PirateBay still thrives there as the laws aren’t as strict when it comes to user submitted content as other places.



Looking at their activity, this person has been all over everyone’s stories with the same cop-paste message. This is wild.


Uuuugggh, report them and include screenshots. This kind of behaviour is super annoying while also not being allowed. Give 'em the boot!


I think I’ll take it to the ambassador’s thread. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this person hasn’t been reported yet. They’ve peddled this site to hundred upon hundreds of users so far and it seems they even managed to convince some poor unfortunate souls to join the site.

I’ve had incidents in the past where the reporting function didn’t really work. So, I bypass it altogether and just go to the mods. It’s less hassle anyway.


Definitely agree it’s less hassle. I’ve had all of the reported accounts removed, but I don’t use the report button much anymore since I haven’t had a lot to report :joy:


@IntoTheTempest I agree. Give an ambassador the details and we can escalate it to Wattpad. They shouldn’t be advertising here without express permission.

Funny. I’ve been solicited by nobody. Ever.


You either get solicited a lot, or not at all. There’s no in between :rofl:


@IntoTheTempest I’m not complaining at being ignored. It’s a hassle I don’t need.


Y’know what? I make on average 30 dollars a night in tips plus 5 dollars an hour and that is for four hours of work… only picking up food for a restaurant and delivering it to the customer… I won’t let someone pay me a few dollars for my really hard work! I mean writing Ravensdale and my other stories is way more labor than picking up food and delivering it… LOL. Really don’t let people sell you short of your hard work.

I think I actually used readercoin and actually found a recording of Middlemarch (read by a relative of mine, ironically) I hated readercoin, tbh… Hated it. Not that my relative’s reading was bad, she was all right. I just hated having to spend a long time for very little payout. I wouldn’t recommend that crappy app to anyone!


@Davrielle The earning potential from the Next Beta seems really good.

Did you see this

[quote=“nick, post:1, topic:59355”]
How did the authors do in all this then? Pretty well, especially when we compare it with our own expectations and other markets. Earnings ranged from $10 to thousands, and your average English author earned just over $750 USD, with a median $165 USD and the median was pretty similar across Spanish and Tagalog. Individual author earnings belong to each author though, so I’m not going to disclose how much any particular person earned. There are some case studies that are coming together, and some authors may be willing to share that information if they’re asked respectfully and politely.

And you keep your rights and so forth.

This information is going to make people realise what rubbish offers some of these places are giving.


I agree! This is VERY important information!


I’m so glad this is being addressed here :smiley: I did my part by alerting people on social media a few weeks ago, I even realized one of those sketchy websites/apps (Dreame) was using the name of an actual editor in one of their PMs, so I told them (I googled the editor’s name and that was the only one that showed up, it wasn’t like a generic name or anything) they clearly had no idea what Dreame was at all. When you use someone’s name without their permission (to leech onto their credibility), you’re clearly up to something.


Got pms from an agent from Dreame and Ficfun. Are they really that bad?


You can check out what they have to offer:

2. I am not so satisfied with the advance payment offered to me.

The standards for the advance payment are based on the rating given by the editors after a review of a work and it is not intended as a valuation of the work.
Rather, the financial support offered is to encourage aspirational writers. The bigger financial reward comes from the “Pay-to-Read” program, which enables writers who wrote brilliant works to get a continual stream of support from their readers.

I mean… Lol. “We wanna give you money to encourage you, but not enough for what your work is actually worth.”

Not to mention, they just mass-spam people. They keep sending me PMs about “female orientated work” and my work isn’t female orientated. So far I don’t even have a book up with a female protag. So that just indicates they’re looking at my follower count and my read count and that’s what’s attractive to them.


Yes, they are that bad. I suggest that you report the profiles giving the screen-shots as proof in the reports :slight_smile:


They’re the same company and their spamming tactics alone are why they’re that bad. But they ask for something like 5 years of digital rights and the most I have ever seen anyone offered is $500. That is nothing for what you’re giving up. Better off just polishing that book and trying your hand at self publishing. Yes there’s no guarantee you make $500 on that book, but you keep all your rights.


I was pmed by a Dreame editor actually and I actually entertained their e-mail out of desperation. Just wanted to see what they offered and well, they have two offers for you. Non-exclusive and exclusive. I also happen to see a sample of their complete contract. Basically, they pay you a hundred per book they want to feature in their site then, whatever offer you choose, you get a certain percentage. Not sure if I’m allowed to disclose it, but the percentage of shares you get on either offer is less than you can count on two hands. It’s a five year contract and they only pay you once you meet the advance payment for each book they paid for.

Hope it helps /: